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Calendar art of the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Shri 1008 Mahavir Swami by Dayodaya.

The announcement ceremony of the Jain and Hindu Donation Chairman Dharma was an intimate virtual event on April 9. Celebrating this historic initiative in Fresno, a generous member of the Jain and Hindu communities, Interim College President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, Interim Provost Xuanning Fu, Interim Dean Honora Chapman, Faculty of Arts and Anthropology The Interim Vice Dean of the Faculty, Sergio La Porta, Dean Robert Maldonado of the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Faculty of Philosophy have gathered to appoint the first endowed courses for Jain and Hindu Dharma.

The chair is historic and unique in the United States, and these two ancient religious traditions of India join hands and share the teachings of both traditions in Fresno.

The event began with Sabita Jain singing Jain prayers melodicly and culminated in Dr. Anita Shenoy chanting the Hindu Gayatri mantra.

Following the opening remarks by Chapman, Jimenez Sandval announced Dr. Veena Howard, an associate professor of religious studies in the Faculty of Philosophy, as the first endowed course of Jain and Hindu Dharma in Fresno. .. Howard specializes in Asian religious traditions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. She is also the coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program in Fresno.

“With this donation, Fresno will bridge the understanding of these beautiful ancient religious traditions, which will provide an opportunity to ensure student success and further broaden their intellectual horizons,” Jiménez said. -Sandoval said. “Dr. Veena Howard has a unique qualification to hold this chair. She has a background in both languages, philosophies and religious practices of these traditions, and in her expertise, she Guides us in expanding Dharma’s research at our university. “

“Dr. Howard has published a wide range of topics on Dharma, Hinduism, Gandhi, and Jainism, and she values ​​Dharma values ​​in her personal life. In 2018, she received Provost’s Promising New Teacher Award, and in 2019 she was nominated and selected as a faculty member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She is one of our star faculty members. “

Maldonado emphasized the importance of the Jain and Hindu Dharma donated chairs of the Faculty of Philosophy. “The Jain and Hindu Dharma chairs enter and deepen the devoted history of the sector to Asian philosophical and religious traditions, focusing on Jain and Hindu religious and philosophical thinking. The course strengthens the curriculum of philosophy, religion, peace and conflict studies, all in the Faculty of Philosophy. “

Howard teaches Jainism and Hinduism along with other Asian religions as a endowed course in Jainism and Hinduism, and Jain and Hindu academic efforts for students, including scholarships, scholarships, and research funds. To support.

Howard shared her personal story of growing up in both Hindu and Jain Dharma traditions and expressed her appreciation and enthusiasm for this appointment. “Hinduism (traditionally known as Sanatana Dharma) and Jainism (Jainism) began in the Indian subcontinent, as two rivers flow in parallel and sometimes intertwined to create a rich ecosystem, 3 Serving as a model for building multidimensional and peaceful relationships for over a thousand years. Mahat Magandy was a product of both Jain and Hindu traditions and teachings. Gandhi was born into a Hindu family. Was strongly influenced and shaped by Jain friends, monks, and Jain vows. “

that’s all Twenty families, individuals and foundations We came together to create a chair donated in Jain and Hindu Dharma. A groundbreaking partnership between Jain and Hindu communities and universities is about nonviolence, dharma (virtues, obligations), justice, multidimensional philosophy, the interrelationships and principles of care of all beings, now and in the future An environment through Hindu-Jain texts, philosophies and traditions that emphasizes mutual commitment to educate students of the generation.

“We are very grateful to the unprecedented number of generous donors who have helped create this wonderful gift, and Dr. Vina Howard has been appointed as the first Jain and Hindu Dharma Donation Dean. I’m excited about that, “said Chapman’s interim dean. University of Arts and Humanities. “Dr. Howard is a scholar of both traditions and is loved by her students. Thanks to this donation, students at Fresno State University are practicing nonviolence and peace, while Jain and Hinduism. Pursuing enlightenment will increase opportunities to learn how to change our lives and the world. “

The generously donated Jain and Hindu community leaders and organizations include JP Sethi, Ravi & Naina Patel Foundation, and Dr. Harsh Saigal, Anil Mehta, Dr. VinodK. Gupta, Dina Bahl, Bankim Dalal, Dr. Includes GirishPatel and VardhamanCharitable. Foundation, Andy Chhikara, Dr. PremKamboj, Dr. MadhavSuri, Dr. KrishRajani, Monika Joshi, Ela and Bhavesh Muni, Rama Ambati, Dr. Shashi Sharma, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Dilbagh Ghilawat, Sangita, Yogesh Shah, Rita Narendra Person, Comal and Prasant Desai, Kara and Slendra Jain, Wadder Family Foundation, North American Jain Academic Foundation, Ronak and Mitul Shah, Pinal and Hardik Modi.

Dr. Veena Rani Howard named Endowed Chair in Jain and Hindu Dharma – Fresno State News Source link Dr. Veena Rani Howard named Endowed Chair in Jain and Hindu Dharma – Fresno State News

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