Dream family reunion at Triangle Y Ranch Camp – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-06-12 00:05:44 –

Oracle, Arizona (KGUN) — It was a day when my dreams came true.

Ricardo Valdespino was able to give his grandchildren a once-in-a-lifetime surprise YMCA Triangle Y Lunch Camp..

“So I would like to introduce you to our new chef, Papa Ricardo,” said Andy Hockenbrock.

Hockenbrock is the secretary general of the camp. After the children finished their activities, Hockenbrock announced that the camp had acquired a new chef.

Immediately his head turned and the two children began to grin from ear to ear.

“Butterflies. I’m still shocked. Meet your family … nothing beats touching your family. After going through a tunnel made up of camp leaders, Bardespino said. ..

Valdespino, now known as Paparicardo in the camp, hasn’t seen his grandchildren in person for nearly seven years.

“My eldest son Ricardo is in the army, so he had to obey his orders,” he told KGUN9.

His son Ricardo, Ricardo’s wife, and their two children Elias and Grace have lived in Germany for the past seven years.

Four months ago, the family moved to Tucson after Ricardo was transferred to Davis Monsan Air Force Base.

The work was held in the camp, as fate has it, and Andy Hockenbrock, known as the Oak Tree in the camp, hired Paparicardo as their new chef.

“It was easy, and you know you came from the school district as Miami-Dade School, I knew he could manage our little kitchen,” Hockenbrock said. ..

“Grandson Eli has never seen me. One of the things I noticed about Eli is that he is walking like his dad, and I don’t think Grace has grown that big. I couldn’t believe it. She was a little girl the last time I met her, “Baldespino told KGUN9.

Paparicardo says this job is a gift.

“You get a job and you can meet your family you haven’t seen in years, and I’m taking it all in now. I’m in the clouds,” he said. I added.

He looks forward to spending a lot of time with his son, daughter-in-law, and beloved grandchildren.

“Two of them. I think they are all to me and the connections we have now are just putting everything together for us,” Valdespino told KGUN9.

Papari Cardo stays in Tucson during the summer until the end of the camp.

“I will do my best for everyone here, and … it will be a good summer,” he said.

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