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Dream: International travel. Reality: Chaos and confusion.

Governments, tourist offices, airlines, hotel companies, travel agencies, cruise operators, tour bus drivers, housekeepers, local guides, pilots, restaurants, museum operators, guesthouse hosts, entertainers, caterers, fishermen, Shopkeepers, bar owners, that is, all those who stand to profit from tourism dollars, face extreme financial pressure to keep up with another tourist season.past Year without travel, When arriving on an international flight Decreased from 1.5 billion to 381 millionIt was devastating. For many, another similar year would be unthinkable.

As a result, systems that have already been emphasized are forced to face existential challenges. Will countries choose to continue the international blockade, or will they increase the risk of illness and sue the long-awaited tourism revenue in court? New Zealand has largely eliminated the coronavirus from its coasts through a combination of strict blockades, border closures and strict quarantine. I bet that claim At one end of the spectrum.Greece Claim others..

There is no easy answer and no universal solution. Often, the responsibility for carefully navigating ethical considerations lies with the individual tourists (the few lucky and vaccinated people, incentives and travel enthusiasts).

Of all the variables, only one is unavoidable. The choice between adventuring or snuggling up near the house is unlikely to be a good omen for many unhappy and unvaccinated individual workers in some circumstances. Vulnerable to both the virus and the fate of bullying in the devastated industry.

“I think we’ve learned important lessons throughout the year about how to engage more safely in public,” said Dr. Fortune, who said vaccinated travelers continued to test, wear masks and socialize. He emphasized the importance of practicing distance. ..

“I think the real danger is that the most vulnerable people are the ones with the least ability to mitigate risk,” she added.

Dream: International travel. Reality: Chaos and confusion.

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