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Drink This Now: Bronson’s Milk Punch – Kansas City, Missouri

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Bronson’s milk punch. // Photo courtesy of April Fleming

Humans are noteworthy in their ability to make moonshine from everything. Potatoes, junipers, honey and rice are the basis of the most common spirits in the world. But the English alchemist who figured out how to make shelf-stable food from milk (or perhaps a medieval Irish because there is no clear consensus) may be one of the smartest.

There are countless techniques involved in creating a milk punch. Most simply, hot milk is added to liquids (often other types of alcohol such as whiskey and brandy), along with acidic ingredients like lemon juice. When the acid coagulates the milk and the liquid is strained, the resulting liqueur becomes completely transparent. It may be strange, but it tastes great.

The use of clarified milk in modern cocktail programs was popular nationwide about five years ago, and almost every luxury bar in the United States features drinks that contain that ingredient. Locally, one of the preferred manufacturers of Kiyosumi milk punches has long been Bronson Kistler.

For several years he has been a beverage manager and bartender fixture at Westport Cafe. However, his unique milk punch is famous for its great flavor and how easy it is to use in other drinks. Made with whiskey, apple juice, ginger, spice tea, lemon and, of course, milk, it’s also included in several other menus in town.

Everyone seems to have found the COVID project. Kistler was to make his milk punch available to everyone, not just the people in the industry.Kistler has been working on commercialization for about a year. Bronson’s milk punchCurrently available in dozens of local stores or through him Website..

The price of each bottle depends on where you buy it, but it’s about $ 25 to $ 30, and if you don’t mix anything, you have about 6 cups of milk punch. Alcohol content is about 15%, but it can easily drop. Pour on ice and add a slice of lemon or try it to make your own cocktail.

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