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Wichita, KSN—The day before Thanksgiving, commonly known as Blackout Wednesday or Drink Giving, encourages people to drink throughout the holiday weekend.

according to National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau, Nearly 800 people died in alcohol-related accidents between 2015 and 2019.

You will see more traffic on the road this holiday weekend, as well as more law enforcement agencies in their efforts to crack down on affected drivers.

“Even a small department is doing additional enforcement, because you can listen to them on the radio and see multiple units logged in, and a lot of traffic stops,” said Deputy Joshua Elpers. continue.

Kansas Drunk Driving Victim Center‘Staff say this is the deadliest holiday season when it comes to driving. The center’s mission is to reduce the traumatic effects of drunk driving accidents on victims and their families and to raise awareness of the consequences of drunk driving.

Recently, they held a “Commemorative Drive for Drunk Driving Victims”. It’s more than a lost loved one, but it pays homage to those who may have lived and offers the opportunity to connect with those who are doing the same.

The Kansas Drunk Driving Victims Center is also working with law enforcement agencies to put a commemorative ribbon on police cars celebrating those who died in drunk driving accidents.

The center’s office manager, Cheyenne Waller, says the holiday is more lethal than any other holiday, with 29% of all fatal car accidents involving drunk driving people.

“It’s important to make a plan. To make the right choice, to drive calmly, to get a DD (designated driver), maybe to stay where you are in the evening,” Waller continues. .. “Waking up 10 out of 10 times in places you don’t necessarily want to be is knowing that you never wake up, hurt yourself or others, and in some cases killed others. It’s better than waking up. “

KSN spoke with Janel Jones, who lost his fiancé Chris and his 20-month-old daughter Addison in a drunk driving accident on March 11, 2020.

“You are very lost. You lose your daily life in a few minutes. And it feels like everything is gone. You are very empty inside,” Janel said.

Janelle tells us that Chris was drunk driving. He was angry and chose to drink 30 packs of beer within 3 hours. Then he called Janel and told her that Addison was with him and wasn’t home.

Addison, 20-month-old daughter of Janel Jones

“My daughter didn’t have the option to ride the truck,” continued Janel. “Everyone who goes out enjoys and consumes everything. They now have the opportunity to make that choice. Let someone drive them home. So anyone who consumes something during the holidays Think of my daughter Addison, and it helps them make the right choice. “

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