Driscoll fruit stand closes down after 25 years of business – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-11-24 22:12:53 –

Stand owner Maria Watson said she and her family didn’t know what to do now when the business closed in just a few days.

Driscol, Texas — Bypasses around Driscol are a sign of progress, while others ask how much it will cost. The question is asked by a business owner there and her longtime customer.

This is because the Driscoll Fruit Stand has been closed after 25 years of business. The iconic roadside stand closes on weekends.

For 25 years, the fruit stand has been a favorite stop for anyone who wants to stop by with a bag of pecan nuts and a variety of produce.

The stand owner, Maria Watson, said it was finally time to close the fruit and vegetable stand after operating it for nearly 30 years.

Watson said it would be closed due to a new bypass. The Northbound Lane is already open at Driscoll and currently only Southbound traffic is passing through the town. According to Watson, there hasn’t been much traffic from people on the stands since it was completed. When the southbound section of the bypass opens, Watson fears that no one will pass through the town to stop by his stand.

“It’s going to be hard after years,” Watson said. “My people coming, they weep, they leave tears, they make me worse, but what else can I do?”

The word of closure of the iconic Driscoll landmark extends not only throughout the city, but throughout the Coastal Bend.

Rebecca Cantu, one of Watson’s longtime customers, has been visiting the stands since its opening. Cantu said he didn’t like what Bypass was doing to businesses and others throughout South Texas.

“They should just leave enough,” Cantu said. “They are also building elevated roads in Raymond Building and the Valley. I think they are building elevated roads that I think are totally useless. All the moms and pop places here are what you do. You should leave it alone enough, so don’t look at them in time to finish. “

Another customer, Sherry Salazar, said the entire community was losing due to the closure of the fruit counter.

“It’s terrible to close such a place because of the need for this kind of interaction,” Salazar said. “We need to be outdoors. We need to be in nature and know where our produce comes from, what is there, and so on.”

Watson said she and her family don’t know what to do now, as the business will be closed in just a few days.

“Last month I cried so much that I couldn’t cry,” Watson said. “Because this is one of my babies, we are having a really hard time.”

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