Driver slams into Muslim family of 5, killing 4, in targeted attack, police say – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-06-08 09:42:28 –

Canadian police said on Monday that a driver pushed a pickup truck into a family of five, killing four and seriously injuring another.

Officials said a young man was arrested in a parking lot at a nearby shopping mall after an incident in Ontario, London on Sunday night. Police said a black pickup truck was killed at an intersection on a rim It is said that he attacked a person.

“This was a permanent mass murder against Muslims,” ​​said Mayor Ed Holder. “It was rooted in indescribable hatred.”

The large family issued a statement identifying the dead as Salman Ahuzar, 46. His wife Madiha, 44. Their daughter Yumuna, 15 years old. And a 74-year-old grandmother whose name was hidden. The boy in the hospital was identified as Fayez.

“Everyone who knows Salman and the other Afzal families knows the model families they are Muslim, Canadian and Pakistani,” the statement said. “They work hard in their respective fields. Their children were excellent students in the school and were strongly associated with their identity mentally. “

According to the fundraising website, his father is a physiotherapist and cricket enthusiast, and his wife has a PhD in civil engineering from Western University in London. The page states that their daughter was in the third year of middle school and her grandmother was the “pillar” of the family.

The family said in a statement that the public needed to confront hatred and Islamophobia.

“This young man who committed this terrorist act was influenced by the group he was involved in, and the rest of the community needs to strongly oppose it, from the highest levels of government to all members of the community. “The statement said.

Nathaniel Veltman, 20, was detained on four first-class murder charges. Police said Veltman, a resident of London, was unaware of the victims.

Detective Sapt. Paul Waite said police did not determine if the suspect was a member of a particular hate group. He said London police are working with federal police and prosecutors to investigate potential terrorist charges. He refused details of evidence of a possible hate crime, but said the attack was planned.

On Monday, 12 police officers searched all around the scene of the accident for evidence. The intersection is dotted with blue markers on the ground.

“We believe the victims were targeted because of Islamic beliefs,” said police chief Steven Williams. “… There is no mercy in this community of hatred-motivated violence against others.”

Canada generally welcomes immigrants and all religions, but in 2017, a French-Canadian man known for his far-right nationalist view was shot dead at a mosque in Quebec City, killing six. ..

A woman who witnessed the aftermath of a fatal accident said she couldn’t stop thinking about her victims. Page Martin said at around 8:30 pm, a big pickup stopped at a red light as he passed by her. She said her car shook with that force.

“I was upset because I thought I was an unstable driver,” Martin said.

A few minutes later, she witnessed a gruesome, chaotic sight at an intersection near her home, paramedics rushed to help, police officers performed chest compressions on one, and three lay on the ground. Dozens of people stood on the sidewalk, and several drivers got out of the car and asked for help.

“The screams are stuck in my head,” Martin said.

From her apartment, Martin could see the scene and said he saw an official drape covering the sheet over his body around midnight. “My heart is so broken for them.” She said.

According to family friend Zahid Khan, the three generations who died were grandmother, father, mother, and teenage daughter. He said the family had immigrated from Pakistan 14 years ago and were a devoted, polite and generous member of the London Muslim Mosque.

“They had just gone for a walk every day,” Khan said in tears near the crash site. “I just wanted to see it”

Qazi Khalil said he met his family on Thursday when he was out for a night walk. He said the families lived close to each other and were together on holidays.

“This completely destroyed me from the inside,” Karil said. “I really don’t understand the condition that they aren’t here anymore.”

The National Council of Muslims in Canada said that Muslims in Canada are familiar with the violence of Islamophobia. “This is a terrorist attack in Canada and should be treated as such.” Council Chairman Mustafa Farouk said.

“We must confront and eradicate Islamophobia and Islamic violence,” said Nawaz Tahil, a London lawyer and leader of the Muslim community.

The mayor said he would raise the flag for three days in London, where there are 30,000 to 40,000 Muslims out of more than 400,000 inhabitants.

“Muslim communities in London and Muslims all over the country, know that we are on your side. Islamophobia has nowhere to go anywhere in our community. This hatred is insidious. It’s sneaky and must be stopped, “Tweet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Driver slams into Muslim family of 5, killing 4, in targeted attack, police say Source link Driver slams into Muslim family of 5, killing 4, in targeted attack, police say

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