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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-24 18:11:52 –

Cleveland, Ohio-Highway Patrol, Ohio Report So far, 2021 has killed 978 people in 824 crashes.

That number represents an increase of more than 100 in 2020, and records held by highway patrols show that traffic has declined over the past two years during the pandemic, while collision deaths have increased. It shows that.

The maximum number of fatal accidents is in the Columbus / Franklin County area, followed by Cleveland And Kaiyahoga County.

Highway patrols are tracking many factors, partly due to the fact that they are two of the state’s most populous urban areas.

“Everyone knows that injuries and deaths are significantly increased when reverse driving, driver disability, overspeeding, no belts, and these particular collision variables are involved,” Sgt said. Highway patrol Ray Santiago.

According to one survey, four of the top 10 deadliest roads in the state are in the Cleveland area.

The most dangerous is the Interstate 480 between Transportation Boulevard and Exit 20A on Rockside Road.

The study reveals 10 deaths from nine crashes along the interstate highway.

According to the same study, the sixth on the top 10 list ranges from Interstate 90 to Bratenal.

The next danger is not the highway, but St. Clair Avenue between East 172nd and 72nd Streets.

That’s not surprising for John Salatel, who has been working on car repairs in his business there for decades.

“I see some of these people getting very fast here. I don’t know where they’re heading,” Saratel said.

Closing the top 10 list is another section of Interstate 90 between Lakewood and Cleveland.

The Ohio Highway Patrol maintains and continually updates the database of all accidents in the state to help analyze factors to reduce numbers.

However, among the numbers that Santiago states may be underreported, there are collisions that may be due to inattentive driving.

Santiago believes that drivers who are obsessed with devices such as mobile phones have contributed significantly to state-wide accidents and deaths, and did those who died in the accident use their phones? Further investigation can be done to determine if you were distracted in other ways. At the time of their crash.

Driving disabilities are also considered a common problem in many of the most serious accidents, but Santiago says soldiers strongly believe that all accidents in Ohio can be prevented.

“You won’t hear soldiers calling them accidents. They’re crashes because all of these variables are preventable,” Santiago said.

Drivers beware: Here's some of the deadliest road stretches in Ohio Source link Drivers beware: Here's some of the deadliest road stretches in Ohio

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