Dropping temperatures and rising COVID cases lead to a spherical solution for Ballard restaurant San Fermo – Seattle, Washington

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One of the San Fermo domes for dining up to 4 guests from the same household.

Photo by Avrelle Harriston

By Avrelle Harriston

Nestled on the popular Ballard Street, a quaint white house sits outdoors in a line of people. San Fermo Supper time isn’t open yet, but hungry guests are waiting for a chance to dine with a new rendition of “the best seats in the house.”

COVID-19 regulations tightened in Washington, San Fermo, The local Italian restaurant had a big dining space problem. Tim Baker, the owner of San Fermo, decided to “think out of the box”, thinking of eating in the foam.

Baker ordered two “domes” in early October because he predicted that dining at the restaurant would continue to face challenges from COVID and the arriving weather conditions. These were built in front of the restaurant and are now open to dinner parties for up to 4 people in the same household.

Each dome consists of 160 individual polycarbonate hexagons. Viking dome, Lithuanian company.San Fermo Aura Dome ™Created for winter weather meals and gatherings. Each dome costs about $ 4,350, with additional international shipping, customs and labor costs.

But Baker knew that the dome would pay for themselves in time. “We saw it as follows, well, we only use the last PPP [Payment Protection Program] If you spend money on building a new dome, you can pay for it yourself during the winter and keep people’s salaries, “says Baker.

The additional tables in the bubble helped this and San Fermo’keep the lights on’because Baker considers all the tables to be “a job to support employees”. However, while the dome helped keep the Italian restaurant business, it also caused some problems.

As of November 16th, throughout Washington COVID-19 Guidelines, Indoor dining is prohibited until at least December 14th. These new regulations were the result of an increase in COVID cases and deaths in Washington.

San Fermo prepared for these restrictions on an outdoor dining patio all year round, but the new dome had to be rigorously and specifically adhered to. Outdoor dining guidance regulations Given by Ministry of Labor and Industry (L & I) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention: General Workplace Requirements and Prevention Ideas, and Washington State Health Department Workplace and Employer Resources and Recommendations.

Depending on these requirements, the “pod / igloo” requires limited dining parties, ventilation, ventilation and disinfection processes, and, if possible, food delivery outside the structure.

According to Baker, San Fermo complies with these regulations and in some cases tightens them, including holding only dome-shaped dining parties for up to four members of the same household. San Fermo also does not allow staff to enter the foam while guests are inside and eating. Instead, guests order through plastic doors, and the server sets meals on a table 6 feet away without entering the dome.

Some of these tweaks were difficult on San Fermo’s servers. “Our employees are half servers and half entertainers. They wanted to engage with our guests and had to lose it through COVID,” says Baker.

Getting used to the barriers between yourself and your guests is not the only challenge for staff in the plastic dining area. “Staff aren’t crazy about having to manage many propane facilities,” says Baker.

San Fermo passes through about one standard small gallon propane tank each week. The restaurant uses propane after each party to disinfect the dining bubbles. High-power commercial propane heaters exchange air in about 10 minutes by ventilating an airtight dome with hot air. After this ventilation, the staff enters the foam, further disinfects and wipes.

“We take all safety measures very seriously,” says Baker. “I feel the dome is the safest place ever. Their biggest problem is that it’s too popular.”

The booking and waiting list is full of dome requests, but the restaurant has only a total of 9 tables and 2 bubble tables. This creates a lot of problems with restaurant dinner guests, and about 80% of customers making reservations are dissatisfied. Normally, a dining table holding seven non-bubble tables is open on the patio, but the diner chooses to endure waiting for the dome.

“We think they are too symbolic,” says Baker. safely. ”

The future of the pandemic is uncertain, but Baker planned the fate of the bubble. They stay in front of San Fermo for several months in winter and early spring as a way to dine outdoors in changing weather conditions.

In the summer, Baker uses them as greenhouses on his farm north to grow tomatoes. However, based on the development of COVID-19, they may return in the winter of 2021.

Meanwhile, the dome remains on a first-come, first-served basis at the ballad San Fermo. Other bubble dining locations in Seattle are: Maxil Millien With Pike Place Market Kanris With Queen Anne.

5341 Ballard Avenue. NW, SEATTLE206 342 1530

Wednesday-5 pm-Sunday 10 pm

Dropping temperatures and rising COVID cases lead to a spherical solution for Ballard restaurant San Fermo Source link Dropping temperatures and rising COVID cases lead to a spherical solution for Ballard restaurant San Fermo

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