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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-11 18:40:20 –

Cleveland (WJW) — FOX 8I team I found two little dogs looking for medicine and helping to clean up Kaiyahoga County Prison.

The latest K-9 criminals in prison may not be what you imagine when thinking about drug dogs. Rocky and Peppy are Cocker Spaniels.

The county had Team I see a dog training in the lockup. And when the prison officer actually searched for the cells, he looked them up in a body camera video.

“Making it a drug-free zone. That’s our goal. Dogs are a great tool. And I trust my dog. A great little guy to work with,” said the prison officer. Said Ulysses Roscoe.

Kaiyahoga County Prison has been talking about the drugs behind the bar many times. The prisoner died from an overdose. Prison employees were involved in incidents such as bringing drugs into a complex.

So, a few months ago, the county brought these dogs.

“They sent a clear message. They sent a message that it wasn’t okay to put drugs in jail. They sent a message to our criminal group,” said the observer. Michel Henry said. “They can quickly get through the entire housing unit in 30 minutes.”

I-Team also contacted the company that trained these dogs. They are said to have a great nose and are popular with law enforcement agencies around the world. Used to sniff narcotics and explosives.

So what are they looking for in Kaiyahoga County Prison?

“Heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, K2, marijuana,” said prison officer Dwayne May.

Dogs also live in prison.

I saw two areas with bedding, food and even a TV. Yes, the guard told us, the dog is also watching a little TV.

Still, there’s always more to do to get rid of illegal drug prisons.

“Our goal is to be 100 percent. There was a long way to go,” May said.

Rocky and Peppy always seem ready to go hunting.

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