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Dry and gusty winds create high fire danger – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-19 06:53:39 –

Today’s weather forecast:
Today’s weather warnings are effective against strong winds and widespread fire hazards in southern Sangredecristos.

Strong wind warnings have been issued above 7,000 feet above sea level in southern Sangredecristos. Gusts can reach nearly 70 mph from Labetapas to the New Mexico border.

For combinations of strong winds and low humidity, fire alarms are issued in most display areas. Fires that ignite today can quickly spread due to dry fuels such as grass and shrubs.

Colorado Springs: High: 66; Low: 32. High risk of fire in central and southern El Paso County, warm and windy today. Gusts can range from midnight to afternoon at 20-30 mph. Tonight, it will be below freezing in most parts of the city.

PUEBLO: High: 73; Low: 31. Warm and comfortable temperatures with gusts of wind from morning to afternoon. Today, the risk of fire is very high and the red flag is spreading throughout the county. The temperature should be below freezing tonight.

Canon City: high: 69; Low: 36. Today, the entire region is windy and dry, with fire alarms issued until the end of the day. Strong winds and very low humidity can be seen from the morning to the early afternoon.

Woodland Park: high: 54; Low: 28. Despite the absence of the red flag, the wind is strong today and the risk of fire is high. It gets dry and chilly in the afternoon.

Try Lake: high: 50s; Low: 20’s. The entire Trilakes region is windy and refreshing today, but fire concerns are limited. It’s chilly and dry today, with temperatures below freezing all night.

Hirano: high: 70’s; Low: 30s. Windy, dry, warm air and high fire risk, lasting from late morning to the end of the day. It will be below freezing or below tonight.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 1960s; Low: 30s. It is calm and very windy today, and there is a fire alarm until the evening. Gusts can be in the range of 30-50 mph, just east of the mountains, where the humidity during the day is very dry. The strongest winds cross the western mountains and the La Veta pass.

Mountain: High: 50s; Low: 20’s. Today, strong winds are expected across the mountains, especially in southern San Gredecristos and the San Luis Valley. From the Labeta Pass south along the mountain to the New Mexico border, gusts were seen in the range of 60-70 mph, and strong gusts of 40 mph in the San Luis Valley and Wet Mountain Valley. You need to stay dry in the mountains today, but in northern Colorado there is a mix of rain and snow.

Expanded outlook:

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Dry and gusty winds create high fire danger Source link Dry and gusty winds create high fire danger

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