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Dublin’s street is ahead, but Cork’s Grafton St has a trump card – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Perhaps this was the only time Dublin definitely beat Cork. I’m talking about Grafton Street, or rather a lesser-known story of two Grafton Streets. The ones in Dublin, the wonderland where magic is in the air as in the song, and the ones in Cork are narrow, truncated, and well, quite dull.

Putting them side by side, even the proud Corconian (is there another kind?) May admit that dub has it.

Or are they? Ask your stupid Kelly correspondent who secretly praises how the Corks people openly celebrate their own (obvious) greatness. Dublin’s Grafton Street may be a flashy showcase — even taking into account the dents driven into it by the pandemic closure — but Cork’s Grafton Street definitely has a bigger claim to its name. increase. It’s not a trump card, but it’s one.

And it has a rich story that incorporates siege, royal unfaithfulness, and engineering research on Good Friday brothels, many of the latter being anonymous.

Let’s start with a stronger claim to the siege and cork Grafton name. Henry FitzRoy, the first Duke of Grafton, fought on the streets bearing his name and died shortly after being hit by a musket ball.

He was the son of King Charles II of England, but is far more polite to say that his mother, Barbara Palmer, was one of the king’s many mistresses, “born behind a blanket.” Quoting avid fans and renowned diary author Samuel Pepys, keep in mind that he is the most controversial, beautiful and influential person of all.

So Henry had the opportunity despite his position, during the 1690 city siege in which he was appointed Vice Admiral of England and later Count Marlboro was dispatched with a large force. Explain if you were appointed Deputy Commander to regain control of the city.

In late September, the city was bombarded, the city library is now located, and the eastern wall just a stone’s throw from Grafton Street was breached. It was probably during this invasion that Duke of Grafton was overthrown. Some say the musket ball broke his ribs, while others claim it hit his eyes. In any case, he was seriously injured and died shortly thereafter.

What happened after that is explained in graphic detail in Garnet Joseph Walsley’s 1894 account. [while] His brain and internal organs were buried in a small old cemetery in Ballintemple near Cork. “

His name also remained in Cork. I live on a narrow street connecting Oliver Planquet Street and South Mall.

By the way, depending on the account you read, Grafton Street in Dublin was named after his son, Charles, who owned the same Duke or land in the area.

Amon de Valera and his wife Cinade’s youngest son, Terry de Valera, choose the former. In 1986, he wrote: Isn’t it a shame that one major road in our capital still has an alien name, while so many prominent Irish people are worth remembering?

His mother is in favor of Wolf Tone and it would be interesting to see what the name would look like if it were voted on now.

But it’s interesting that both Grafton Streets retain their name. Evidence of many layers of history still written on our streets.

Unfortunately, there are colors, but it’s hard to find a free reference to Cork’s Grafton Street. Aoife M Foley, a reader of Queen’s University Belfast’s Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, recalls investigating her brothers on the streets on Good Friday 1997.

She worked as a site engineer, with the exception of female engineers, who couldn’t find a hob nail boot that suits her, so she had to wear white boots with steel caps from a slaughterhouse. Her work in the multi-storey car park adjacent to Grafton Street meant she was tasked with investigating all the buildings backed by it.

One of them turned out to be a brothel, and the only way she could enter was on a holy day, when it was closed. (That single fact deserves its own column). During the investigation, she was instructed to stay on the left side of the building because the door leading to the business side of the house was on the right side. On the roof, she saw two washing machines and sheets hanging in a row and drying.

You are indicted newspaper coverage and much earlier newspaper coverage related to the brothel ( Freeman’s Journal, 1870) Prostitution is also common on Grafton Street in Dublin.

Grafton Street in Dublin: As the song says, a wonderland of magic floating in the air. Photo: Sasko Lazarov /

Scratching the surface of the street reveals stories that may or may not be stored in the name, but the name of the street tells a lot. In Cork, for example, Grafton Street not only reminds us that the Duke died there more than 300 years ago, but also the physical and social landscape for centuries as the city began to explore wetlands. I remember the moment when I started to change. ..

“Cork,” says Professor Foley. “It was like a little Venice, which is reflected in the city of Cork’s culverts, doorways and industrial architecture.”

She currently teaches about power systems, renewable technology and the energy market, but is passionate about geography and history. Many of them look like our city just by looking at them over time. She easily admits that Grafton Street in Dublin has won, but says Cork Street is her more illustrious sister.

At the very least, there is a distinction that Cork Street has a much closer relationship with the first Duke of Grafton than its counterpart in Dublin.

Both have held “foreign” addresses, but this is an average feat given past and present campaigns to rename streets to reflect the politics, culture, or prejudice of the day. There is none.

The current campaign to remove the reference to Queen Victoria from Cork’s street names was in the 1940s when Cork Corporation’s Street Name Subcommittee named the Grand Parade on Connolly Street and South Mall on Pierce Street and Pembroke Street. Same as the previous campaign when changed. Especially as Kent Street.

As the independent scholar Aoife Bhreatnach explains, it was never done. Cork Corporation had to get two-thirds of the toll payers living on the street to agree to the name change, which was unlikely.

In any case, Grafton St did not create an unimplemented list. Sometimes it’s better not to be the same as before.

Dublin’s street is ahead, but Cork’s Grafton St has a trump card Source link Dublin’s street is ahead, but Cork’s Grafton St has a trump card

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