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Last week, lawyers representing the Catalina Foothills and Unified School Districts of Pioria responded to a letter from Governor Doug Duchy’s office, which called the quarantine protocol “illegal.”

In a letter on July 14, Governor Duchy’s education policy adviser, Caitlin Harrier, told CFSD director Mary Camerzel that school isolation policies were signed by Arizona law, especially on June 30. He said he violated the section on covering.

“Specifically, the practice of providing compulsory 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated students who are infected with COVID-19 but are exempt from vaccinated students is Law 2021, No. 404. Violates Chapter 2, Section 2. “School districts or charter schools may not require students or teachers to be vaccinated with COVID-19 or wear face covers to participate in face-to-face instruction. There is, “Harrier wrote in a letter.

A similar letter was sent to the Peorian Unified School District.

Harrier states that under the Arizona Parents’ Rights Code, parents have the right to make health decisions, including vaccination, for minor children, and the policy adversely affects the education of children, Students added that they could not meet the attendance requirements to move forward to the next grade level.

“This policy prevents students under the age of 12 from staying at home for nearly two weeks at a time, and in some cases many times, to make up for the lost study time,” Harrier wrote. ..

DeConcini, McDonald, Yetwin, and John Richardson of Lacy law firm, in a letter replying to Ducey’s office, the legislation mentioned in Harrier’s letter applies to the school district’s COVID-19 quarantine policy. He said he would not limit the school district’s obedience. Guidance from federal, state and local public health authorities.

“Parents and other community members have the right to expect local school districts to do what they can reasonably do to provide a safe educational environment for their students, and CFSD and PUSD provide such an environment. We are working on that, “writes Richardson. “Students who are required to be quarantined based on their exposure to COVID-19 will not be abandoned. Both school districts will provide guidance and support to such students while they are temporarily absent from school. . “

Confusion between Ducey and the school district has arisen as delta variants have spread throughout Arizona and cases of COVID have begun a nasty rise throughout the state.

Joe Gerald, an epidemiologist and professor at the UA Zuckerman School of Public Health, said last week that 5,813 Arizonas were diagnosed with COVID-19, an increase of 48% over the previous week. The increase in the number of cases was for 5 consecutive weeks.

“This week’s changes are likely to result in more than 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week in Arizona shortly, demonstrating a transition from substantial to higher levels of infection. Gerald wrote in a report examining the number of rises in the state. “Carefulness suggests that we pay attention to this warning and prepare for the worst, if at all.”

Catalina Foothills and Peoria Unified School Districts, along with other Arizona school districts, follow the same Arizona Health Department guidelines for quarantine and quarantine. Under this guideline, fully vaccinated individuals do not need to be quarantined, and quarantine can vary from 7 to 14 days. About various factors, such as whether the person is symptomatic or lives in a collective environment. School districts such as Tucson Unified and Marana Unified refer to ADHS quarantine and quarantine guidance. Other districts, such as Chandler and Gilbert, follow the guidelines of the Maricopa County Public Health Service, and along with ADHS, fully vaccinated individuals do not need to be quarantined.

Harrier said in a letter that the policy “must be canceled immediately” and that the Arizona Department of Health is “ready to offer.”

guidance. “

According to Ducey’s office, the wording of the law is school-specific and not the same as general public health guidelines.

“We take into account that schools are the safest place for children, whether vaccinated or not, and they have the right to direct education,” said CJ Karamargin, Communications Director of the Governor’s Office. It is stated in the reply to the email. .. “Quarantine is a mitigation strategy. This law prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status. Use of mitigation strategies must comply with the law.”

However, COVID-19’s ADHS K-12 School Guidance refers to its own quarantine and quarantine guideline document that schools use as a policy reference. Under key mitigation strategies, we list “contact tracing that combines quarantine and quarantine” with links to guidance.

Both Catalina Foothills and Peoria School Districts have masking as an option and do not require vaccination in accordance with recently signed legislation.

The Arizona Department of Health has not responded at the time of the deadline as to whether authorities would update their own guidelines to align with Ducey’s position in the statute.

On Friday, July 16th, county administrator Chuck Huckelberry sent a letter to the school district in Pima County to guarantee support from the county and the Department of Health.

Hackelbury said in a letter that Pima County “has independent statutory authority and is responsible for taking the necessary actions to protect the community from infectious diseases.” In addition, the county can appear in court to request a “compulsory quarantine order” if necessary.

“Reassure Pima County and our Department of Health remain committed to you and all of our schools while you work to maintain a safe and healthy school environment,” Hackelbury said. Said. “More than ever, as Delta Variants emerge in this community, it’s important to continue working as a team to ensure the health of Pima County as a whole.”

Ducey threatens Catalina Foothills School District over COVID protocol as AZ cases rise | Health Source link Ducey threatens Catalina Foothills School District over COVID protocol as AZ cases rise | Health

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