Dundee winery fined $11K+ after worker dies in confined space – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-08-05 14:45:04 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Dundee’s winery was fined more than $ 11,000 after Oregon OSHA investigated the deaths of workers in February 2021.

After discovering a series of “serious breaches” after cellar workers were found unresponsive in an empty 30,000 gallon wine tank on the morning of February 1, Oregon OSHA officials said the department He said he quoted Corus Estates & Vineyards LLC for $ 11,100.

Officials say workers are in the wine tank and send about 500 gallons of wine debris called Lee, a mixture of dead yeast, grape skins, seeds, stems and tartrate, to the secondary tank as low-pressure nitrogen gas. It was pumped from above to the tank to prevent the grapes, which he said he knew, from oxidizing.

Workers not identified by Oregon OSHA were found to have been suffocated as a result of oxygen being expelled.

“Death in every workplace is a tragedy, and limited space is unforgiving. Employers need to anticipate risk and ensure that employees entering limited space are protected,” Oregon OSHA said. Administrator Michael Wood said in a statement. “When something goes wrong in such a space, it’s too late to deal with the problem.”

Violations found by Oregon OSHA include: Employees did not perform an initial test of atmospheric hazards before entering the tank. Do not ensure that the required attendants and entry supervisors are designated for the closed space task. We have not developed and practiced appropriate procedures to enter the limited space.

Dundee winery fined $11K+ after worker dies in confined space Source link Dundee winery fined $11K+ after worker dies in confined space

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