Dunkin’ offering free coffee for National Nurses Day – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-05-06 12:09:10 –

(NEXSTAR) – Dunkin’s latest deal is booked for heroes in the healthcare industry.

To commemorate National Nurses Day, Dunkin’Donuts will offer free hot or iced coffee to medical professionals presenting their IDs at Dunkin’Donuts’ location on May 6th.

Dunkin says the offer is part of an ongoing effort to say “thank you” to the country’s frontline workers.

“From the beginning of the pandemic, Dunkin and franchisees have provided our support and gratitude to healthcare professionals across the country,” the company writes. Blog post Published this week.

According to Dunkin, the company’s efforts to date have included donations to hospitals, vaccination facilities and first responders across the country. The chain also estimates that Dunkin’s location provided “hundreds of thousands” of coffee, donuts, or gift cards to health care workers and paramedics.

“Their selfless sacrifice encourages us all to come together and do everything we can to support our community,” said Kalimac Hugh, Secretary-General of the Dunkin’Donuts Childhood Foundation. It states as follows. Blog post Published in February. “We want people on the front lines to know that we have their backs. They can rely on Dunkin’Donuts to keep them running.”

Learn more about Dunkin’s National Nurses Day offer. Here..

Dunkin’ offering free coffee for National Nurses Day Source link Dunkin’ offering free coffee for National Nurses Day

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