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Durango woman walking dogs found dead after apparent bear attack – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-01 14:51:26 –

Durango, Colorado — A 39-year-old woman walking her dog was found dead on Friday night, apparently after being bear-damaged, according to an announcement by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The body of the woman was found off the coast of US Highway 550 near Trimble, north of Durango.

According to the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, the female boyfriend said the victim walked with her two dogs early Friday.

When his boyfriend returned home late in the evening, he found two dogs, but the woman was missing.

The boyfriend found the woman’s body around 9:30 pm and called 911 to report the incident.

Wildlife police officers responded by observing signs of body consumption and abundance of bear droppings and hair in the field.

The dog team soon found a sow (female) black bear with a 2-year-old horse nearby. Bears have been euthanized and taken to CPW’s Wildlife Health Institute in Fort Collins for autopsy, according to CPW’s announcement.

Examining the sow’s teeth, wildlife police officers believed she was over 10 years old.

DNA evidence from bears and scenes will be sent to Laramie for testing in the Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Forensics & Fish Health Laboratory.

“Bear damage is very rare,” said Cory Chick, CPW South West Regional Manager, in a release. “This is a tragic event and a sad memory that bears are wild and potentially dangerous. With great care, bears have been removed for public safety. With aggressive bears. If you encounter any of these, please report it to the CPW. “

CPW said it received several reports from the Durango region of bears, which will be active this spring.

Bears are active throughout the state and it is important to be aware of them. For more information on how to be safe in the bear country CPW website.

Deadly bear attack in Colorado

July 25, 1971: A honeymoon couple was attacked while camping in a tent near Grand Lake in Grand County. A large older bear entered the tent, injuring a woman and pulling a 31-year-old man away from the campsite. The man was killed. The bear was later discovered and destroyed. Further examination of the Asiatic black bear revealed that it was worn and had a plastic bucket in the abscessed tooth and stomach.

August 10, 1993: A 24-year-old Buena Vista man was attacked and killed after breaking into a camper 20 miles north of Cotopaxi in Fremont County, perhaps in search of food. The camper tried to stop the attack by shooting a bear, but it only hurt the animal. The bear may have been injured by a bullet that grabbed the chest, increasing the intensity of the attack. A 250-pound, highly aggressive male black bear with a fresh gunshot wound on its chest was captured and destroyed six days later. Autopsy of the bear revealed that humans remain in the digestive system.

August 7, 2009: A 74-year-old woman was killed and partially eaten by a bear at her home near Ouray County, Ouray County. A 250-pound, 5-year-old male Asian black bear approached them while a sheriff’s agent was investigating the scene. After the bear approached and was not afraid of the people, lawmakers shot and killed the bear. The result of the bear’s autopsy was not definitive as to whether it was involved in the first case. Early the next morning, a federal wildlife police officer approached the house and killed a 394-pound mature male Asiatic black bear that showed aggressive behavior. An autopsy of a large old wild boar revealed human bodies and clothing debris in its digestive system. A CPW investigation revealed that the victim was illegally feeding bears through a garden fence.

Information from Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Durango woman walking dogs found dead after apparent bear attack Source link Durango woman walking dogs found dead after apparent bear attack

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