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Once in the United States, a man’s wife and daughter, who literally paved the way for interstate trade, united to feature a collection of injured and unemployed railroad workers. By 1910, female aides to the ancient order of coalition workers had built up enough members and projects to allow women to divide themselves.

The Degree of Honor Protective Association was born, and later the national headquarters was built in downtown St. Paul.

In 1962, Degree of Honor’s 10-story granite-decorated “skyscraper” opened on Force Street and Cedar Street, just one block away from the cliffs overlooking the Mississippi River.

Designed by prominent architectural firms of the Bergstett, Hirsch, Wahlberg & Wald era, the Mid-Century modernist structure was once home to all women’s insurance companies of the association, about 18 months ago. There were 40 different employers.

Residents to move in

Workers and maintenance crews have almost completed the finishing of Degree Apartments, a $ 25 million, top-to-bottom conversion of the prestigious old office building, and a torrent of residents has begun to move in. Backed by state and federal history With tax credits, Degree now offers 78 luxury units, primarily studios and about 20 1-2 bedroom apartments.

Monthly rents start at $ 1,010 for studios, $ 1,325 for one bedrooms, $ 1,710 for two bedroom apartments, and the highest for the most expensive two bedrooms at $ 2,845.

What was it like trying to rent a 10-story downtown apartment during both the recession and the pandemic?

“My first FaceTime show was last week,” said executive property manager Andrea De Bleeckere last Monday morning, a few days after discovering that his work phone didn’t have a video conferencing application. It was.

She was still able to take the resident through a cell phone tour of what could be his future home. “I had to use my cell phone.”

For De Bleeckere, who has managed real estate for 21 years, the past few months have been a challenge like some others. Massive marketing began in December, but to date only three tenants have moved to Degree Apartments and two more in the wing. She is currently offering free rent for two months to prospective tenants.

OXCART reopens rooftop of Saint Stadium

Madison Equity, headed by principal Jim Crocalel, is the largest real estate owner in downtown St. Paul, and the company is largely unaffected by the harsh tranquility of taking over the streets of downtown.

While key partners such as renowned chef Justin Sutherland continue to participate, Sutherland has relocated its handsome Hog restaurant from Lower Town to Western Avenue on Cathedral Hill.

Madison Equity’s leading maintenance supervisor for the past two years, Tom Stevens, is closely tied to the fate of each of the company’s 20 or so downtown office and residential buildings.

Stevens said he foresaw that widespread vaccination would be good, starting with reopening the rooftop of the Okskirt Arcade “within a month, preferably within the next two weeks.” Stated.

The rooftops of Ox Cart’s Lowertown overlook the CHS Field at St. Paul Saints Stadium, coining the phrase “Fun is Good” and an important vantage point for teams who recently announced that they will be Minnesota’s Triple A affiliate feeder team. Is provided. twins.

Some sports writers liken the move to underground bands with major labels. Stevens said he was in downtown St. Paul, even though the strangely quiet streets seemed to whisper in the opposite direction as the saint was discovered.

He is one of those who keeps crossing their fingers for a comeback to match the roaring Twenties when a post-pandemic crowd struck a jazz club with flapper dresses and “Great Gatsby” -style menswear. is.

View of downtown ST.Pole

Stevens points from the rooftop balcony of Degree Apartments to the Raleigh Building at 345 Wabasha Street, home of the now-shuttered Gray Duck Tavern. When the Xcel Energy Center hosts sports games and concerts, Gray Duck will once again pour its specialty martini. Stevens and De Bleeckere predicted.

A few blocks in the opposite direction, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers last August Build $ 10 Million Office in First National Bank Building, Madison Equity’s iconic downtown holding.

The Greater St. Paul Building Owners and Managers Association has recorded similar energy in other parts of downtown, with office occupancy rising from 89.85% in 2019 to 91%. Pandemic.

At PAK Property’s Osborne 370 Building on Wabasha Street Real and future new tenants such as YMCA Unilev Management Corp. Wells Fargo Place recently confirmed a series of long-term lease renewals..

Still, the days of downtown lawyers, bankers, and advertising company executives who mediate large-scale transactions with button-up suits and fedoras followed the disco path, and many well-known downtown office buildings are now vacant as apartments. Space is rented out.

Building the Degree of Honor is a good example, and the facts cannot be avoided. Business is slow.

Found by apartment list agencies in St. Paul and Minneapolis Year-over-year rents in December last year were at best flat or down 7%. Unemployment, economic uncertainty, and limited new supply in the home market have made sticking to existing leasing a preferred choice for many lessors, if not the only option for unemployed people. Signs.

During pandemic, downtown St. Paul Degree of Honor building reinvented itself as upscale studios – Twin Cities Source link During pandemic, downtown St. Paul Degree of Honor building reinvented itself as upscale studios – Twin Cities

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