During period of economic downturns, Arvada finds success – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-03-12 01:06:57 –

Arvada, Colorado — A year after finding a solution to support small businesses, Arvada community leaders say their efforts were successful.

Joe Henstrar, Executive Director of the Old Town Alvada Business Improvement District (BID), said:

Hengstler said in March 2020 he and other community leaders met to decide on an “overall” approach to keep as many businesses up and running as possible.

“We tried to do everything from encouraging the community to support local businesses, and we wanted to let everyone know that they were safe when the businesses started to reopen.” Henstrar said.

The effort was later titled Alvada Resiliency Task Force.

In addition to conducting a campaign to support small businesses, Hengstler said Arvada officials sought to educate owners on grants, PPP applications, and the COVID-19 safety protocol.

Henstrar said their efforts paved the way for good results. According to a press release, of Arvada’s approximately 3,500 businesses, only 223 were completely closed.Municipalities said more than 350 new businesses were also approved

“I think we’re talking a lot about doing business in Alvada,” Henstrar said.

Originally from Alvada, Scott Spears owns five businesses in the region. He said he acknowledged the Task Force’s achievements in spreading word of mouth to keep the business open.

“They were running campaigns from side to side, they were driving business to every business,” Henstrar said. “They worked behind them to make sure we had a chance to fight.”

During period of economic downturns, Arvada finds success Source link During period of economic downturns, Arvada finds success

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