Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and the entire cabinet resign from the child welfare benefit scandal

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his entire cabinet resigned on Friday after a scandal that included child welfare payments that reportedly pushed thousands of families into financial difficulty.

Rutte announced his resignation in a television speech, stating that the scandal was “ultimately in the incumbent cabinet and not anywhere else.”

In December, a parliamentary cross-examination committee on childcare allowances released findings that tax authorities mistakenly accused about 10,000 families of fraud and ordered the repayment of benefits between 2013 and 2019. Studies show that many of these families are of their ethnicity or dual nationality.

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Following the report, the Dutch government apologized and set aside $ 500 million for the affected parents. Many are suffering from unemployment, bankruptcy and divorce as a result, Reuters reported.

On Friday, Rutte said he had submitted his resignation to King Willem-Alexander because he believed the government had to take political responsibility for the scandal.

“In today’s decision, the Cabinet wants to justice all parents who have been unprecedentedly mistreated,” he said.

“We keep in mind that if the entire system fails, we all have to take responsibility,” Rutte said. “At all levels of the political administration legal system as a whole, there were mistakes that caused great injustice. To thousands of parents.”

The resignation is generally considered symbolic, as the Rutte administration will remain in the interim government until the parliamentary elections on March 17. Rutte led the country’s response to the outbreak of COVID-19, promising to continue work to compensate affected families as quickly as possible.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, nearly one million cases of coronavirus have been identified in the Netherlands, killing 12,875 people and being blocked by government orders.


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