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Duvel Moortgat and Boulevard Brewing hire a new president – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-06-08 19:08:08 –

Seraf De Smedt. // Courtesy of Duvel Moortgat

Duvel Moortgat USA, the parent company of Boulevard Brewing Company, has announced that Seraf De Smedt will soon become president of its US operations. De Smedt has been Duvel Moortgat’s Chief Financial Officer and Administrative Officer since 2013.

In his new role, De Smed will continue to oversee Dubel’s global finance team while working with Dubel’s US leadership team.

John McDonald, the founder of the Boulevard Brewing Company, will retire due to this transition. After the merger of Boulevard and its parent company, McDonald’s was acting as interim president of Duvel in late January. Scandal on workplace abuse at the brewery..

“Since Boulevard became part of the Duvel Moortgat Brewery family in late 2013, Seraph has played an important role for us,” said McDonald’s. “He has always worked closely with our US operations, and with him taking over as president, we are very confident that we are ready for a successful future. Seraf His leadership style is collaborative and thoughtful. Combined with his fingers to understand the heartbeat of the company from a global perspective, he retires knowing that this next chapter of our company will be exceptionally guided. . “

In his new role, De Smedt divides his time between Belgium and the United States. The US leadership team oversees the day-to-day operations of US breweries and domestic sales teams.

The team will be led by Boulevard veteran Bobby Dixtra, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Rick DeBar, General Manager of Brewery Ommegang. Steven Pauwels, Head of Brewing at Boulevard. Dali Grabar, Director of Engineering at Boulevard. Julie Weeks, Vice President of Communications and Culture. And Stephanie Walker, Director of Human Resources.

After Boulevard’s harassment scandal, both sides Dijkstra and McDonald’s talked pitch Responsibility recognized as Workplace abuse and rampant sexism. Dykstra even described this situation as “multiple system failures.”

McDonald’s returned to the boulevard after the brewery’s top executives. Jeff Clam resigns in the midst of public oppositionAfter Clam, who was directly involved in ignoring workplace harassment, retired employees issued a statement on how Clam worsened the toxic and harmful working environment of the brewery. In the letter, the employee said that Krum’s character was “the company.”His indifference, ego, pride, and lack of humanity.

As part of his return to Boulevard, McDonald’s promised to stay in the company until a trusted leader appeared at the brewery. In the video, McDonald’s dismissed officers and employees responsible for the abuse. , Tough decisionBy talking to. pitch, McDonald said he wanted to make sure Boulevard was a safe and exciting workplace. As part of that, he conducted new behavioral training and hired Stephanie Walker, the new director of HR.

“I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead and I’m really grateful for John’s important role in the last few months,” says De Smed. “He has a lot of responsibility, so I expect the entire leadership team to do so with me.”

Duvel Moortgat and Boulevard Brewing hire a new president Source link Duvel Moortgat and Boulevard Brewing hire a new president

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