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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-25 15:17:33 –

Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistic Center (FLC) Pearl Harbor provides the US Army with logistics solutions to assist Exercise Defender Pacific 21 (DP21) through its Maritime Terminal division.

The Ocean Terminal division is one of the most strategic ports in the central Pacific Ocean, capable of multi-port on-road, equipment handlers, crane operators, and helicopter landing platforms. All of these services are required to deliver and receive the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (2nd IBCT), which is the equipment of the 25th Infantry Division (ID) throughout the Indo-Pacific, in order to successfully complete DP21. bottom.

“Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world and the port of the marine terminal is the largest military port in the archipelago,” said Major of NAV SUPFLC Pearl Harbor Ocean Terminal. Justin champagne. “Our Ocean Terminal is in a unique position to support all branches of the U.S. military and foreign allies as needed. By supporting operations such as Defender Pacific (21), our The team not only supports the defense strategy, but also has the opportunity to exercise our own agility and readiness for future missions. ”

“Defender Pacific ’21 is a U.S. Army Pacific exercise demonstrating the strategic deployment and joint operations of the military to and throughout the Indo-Pacific theater,” said Colonel Rob Phillips of the U.S. Army Headquarters. Stated. “Defender Pacific is strengthening its ability to dynamically adopt forces to address all areas of security concerns in order to support regional alliances and international agreements, thereby enhancing its allies and partners. Subsequent exchanges and exercises with and will deepen interoperability and the trust that has been built up over decades to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific. Conclusion – Allies and partners when needed. You can be anywhere in the area to support. ”

From March to September 2021, the Marine Terminal Division assisted DP21 by assisting in the loading and unloading of four vessels. Participates in various activities with local allies. In total, 769 combat devices, including 33 aircraft, were shipped and recovered from four locations throughout the Indo-Pacific.

“Our team at NAVSUP (FLC Pearl Harbor) is proud of the work we have done,” said Manuel Galera, Deputy Director of NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor Ocean Terminal. “They worked hard to ensure that all cargo was safe and described.”

NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor regularly works with Navy Reserves, Military Sealift Command, U.S. Army Military Sealift Command, U.S. Transportation Command, and Hawaii Steve Dress to meet the needs of large-scale operations. increase. This streamlined enhancement will increase port agility and increase the personnel and capabilities needed to meet mission needs.

NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor is one of eight FLCs under Commander NAVSUP. NAVSUP and Supply Corps carry out and enable supply chains, acquisitions, operational logistics, and seafarer and family care activities with mission partners to prevent war and prepare for a decisive victory around the world. Maintain the navy.

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DVIDS – News – NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor Projects U.S. Army Combat Power for Exercise Defender Pacific 21 Source link DVIDS – News – NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor Projects U.S. Army Combat Power for Exercise Defender Pacific 21

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