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Dyer tops two challengers to win first full term in Virginia Beach mayoral race; City Council incumbents return – The Princess Anne Independent News – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dier won his first full term as mayor in this month’s general election. [David Hollingsworth/For The Independent News]

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Virginia beach — Bobby Dier, who was heavily spent by one of the two challengers, won a reelection and his first full term as Virginia Beach Mayor in this month’s general election.

Dier is a businessman, Jody Wagner, who was in power of two Democratic governors, and Richard, a businessman who had previously failed to find a local office, including running twice for the mayor. Defeated Kowarewich.

Dier won 51.6 percent of the votes, according to an informal return updated by the State Elections Department on Monday, November 9. Wagner won 43.8 percent of the votes and Kowarewich won 4.4 percent.

All members of Virginia Beach City Council, seeking re-election on Tuesday, November 3, defeated the challenger.

In addition to Dier, these council members won the re-election: Rosemary Wilson in the big race, Sabrina Uten in Centerville, Jessica Abbott in Kempsville, Michael Bell Lucchi in Rosehall.

“I’m very humble,” Dier said in an interview last week. “We have formed a tremendous team. Once again, the fact that all the incumbents have been overwhelmingly re-elected is, to our satisfaction, good for our community.”

Dier is a medical expert who represented the Center Building in the city council after the resignation of former Mayor Will Sessoms in 2018 and before winning the mayor’s special elections.

With Dier’s victory this year, he will have his first full four-year term as head of government ceremonies and presided over a city council meeting.

Dier was spent in the 2018 race by former city council member Bender Benport. And this year, Wagner, backed by state Democrats, spent about $ 795,000 on the campaign. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, this was more than four times the $ 188,000 that Dier spent.

Wagner’s party support included a $ 211,000 in-kind donation from the Democratic Party of Virginia, according to VPAP data. Although the local race is nonpartisan, the city councils of both major political parties favored candidates for local offices. Wagner nodded from a Democrat in the city. Dier was backed by the city’s Republican Commission.

In an interview on Thursday, November 12, Dyer said his priorities included encouraging technologies such as public health and safety, new income discovery, and broadband.

“We can’t overlook the flood problem we’re facing, and it’s basically creating new economic development,” he said, adding that the new business will help pay raises for teachers and public security officials. ..

“The other is to ensure that these jobs are created so that the children of the family can return to work at Virginia Beach after graduating from college,” Dyer said.

He spoke with Wagner after the election and said he plans to meet and work with her as he did with Davenport after the 2018 campaign.

“I just hung up with Mayor Dier and congratulated him on being chosen to serve our city for the next four years,” Wagner wrote in a statement on Wednesday, November 4. “The two of us agreed that what our city needs now is unity. I work with him to move our city forward and the crucial challenges we face. I look forward to working on it. “

“I’m disappointed with the outcome of the election, but I’m very grateful for the support from my friends, family, and our entire community,” she added.

Kowarewitch said in an interview that he was disappointed with the results, but realized that he was unlikely to win multiple votes. “I’m very happy with what I did,” said Kowarewitch. “I had a good race. I made the facts. There is a problem here. This is what you have to fix.”

Kowarewich said he remained concerned about city spending and priorities.

“Look at the debt,” he said. “See how they want to increase it. Look at the lack of incoming business.”

Challenger Jody Wagner far outperformed his incumbent Bobby Dier in the Virginia Beach Mayor’s Race. [David B. Hollingsworth/For The Independent News]

This is the result According to informal returns, in other council races:

•• Wilson won the re-election in a large race with 53.6 percent of the votes, beating challengers Brandon Hutchins (35.6 percent) and Nadine Panitcha (10.4 percent).

In a statement, Wilson thanked the citizens for regaining confidence in her work. “Now is the time for all of us to work together to improve people and the city,” she writes.

• Uten defeated challenger Eric Ray (44.6%) and won 55.1% of the votes. Uten now serves her first full term on the council. She was the first to win a seat in the Center Building in the 2018 special elections after Dier resigned from the seat to run for mayor and Uten was temporarily appointed. That year, Uten won more than 6 votes for every 10 votes to defeat two other candidates, including Ray.

Uten issued a statement acknowledging the division of the race this year, saying she thanked her supporters and was “happy” with the opportunity to continue her service. “It’s about working towards the best decision for many who make our wonderful city called Virginia Beach,” she writes.

•• Abbott has achieved strong results by defeating challenger Bill Dale (37.3%) and winning a reelection in the Chemsville area (62.3%). In a statement, Abbott said he was “humility and grateful” for his support and thanked Dale for running the race focused on the issue.

“I am committed to accepting the challenges we face and working to defend our great city,” Abbott said.

Abbott received more votes (120,136 votes) this year than any other incumbent colleague.

•• In the Rose Hall district, Belle Lucki defeats two challengers and serves his first full-term at the temporarily appointed Rose Hall seat. After former councilor Shannon Kane resigned last year.

With 57.3% of the votes, Berlucki won the 2019 special election to complete Kane’s term, which meant he had to look back and run again this year. This year, he defeated the 2019 challengers Conrad Shesventer (27.7%) and Gary Hubbard (14.5%).

“I am honored to serve you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue that service for the next four years,” Berlucchi wrote in a statement. “It’s humble to see the total number of votes, and it should be. The city council is your local voice, and I work hard to make you proud of your trust and confidence.”

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Dyer tops two challengers to win first full term in Virginia Beach mayoral race; City Council incumbents return – The Princess Anne Independent News Source link Dyer tops two challengers to win first full term in Virginia Beach mayoral race; City Council incumbents return – The Princess Anne Independent News

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