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Dyson Purifier Cool Review | Live Science

This Dyson Purifier Cool Review tells you everything you need to know about this air purifier. Our review tests focus on the percentage of particles removed from the air in different settings, so you can see exactly how the indoor air quality improves. It also tests the volume of the device, additional features, and the aesthetics of the unit. Finally, I’ll explain if the Dyson Purifier Cool is a cost-effective machine that can help you make informed purchase decisions because it’s an expensive machine.

Equipped with an advanced HEPAH13 filtration system, the Purifier Cool has an integrated sensor that analyzes the air while the purification device is in use, and the live results are displayed on the LCD display. Dyson claims that a powerful filter can capture up to 99.95% of small particles of 0.1 micron (tested below). The purifier also features an activated carbon filter designed to remove odors and gases.

Dyson Purifier Cool: Important Information

2 colors (white / silver or black / nickel)

Dyson claims it is 20% quieter than the previous model

Also serves as a cooling fan

Pair with Dyson Link app

Compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home

Has a night mode

Vibrates up to 350 degrees

Energy Star Certification

2-year parts and labor warranty

Dyson Purifier Cool Review | Live Science

Source link Dyson Purifier Cool Review | Live Science

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