Are you new to betting on eSports? It’s much easier than you may think. But loving eSports and having a clue of the gameplay is not enough to secure you a winning wager. You’ve got some groundwork ahead of you, but luckily, we’ve laid out the roadmap in preparation for this journey. Let’s get started.

How You Can Bet on eSports

eSports have evolved as much as any other sport in the world. Remember how you could bet on outright winners in football? You can do the same thing in eSports. Anything popular in conventional wagering has weaved its way into the eSports world. We’re not even shocked that eSports betting live has now taken hold, enabling you to bet on events in real-time. These are but a scratch of the surface in eSports. Let’s broaden the possibilities, shall we?

How To Bet Strategically on eSports

Whether you are going up against another player, placing a bet with a bookie, or playing for skins, you’ll want to set yourself up for a win and not failure. But how do you do this? Easy!

Hedging Your Risk

As a beginner, you are likely to lose more than you win, which can be frustrating at first. We advise that you prepare for this by accepting this fact early on. It makes it easier to walk away from losses instead of chasing them. But there are ways you can reduce the risk to which you are exposed. These include:

Understanding the Gameplay

It’s hard to gauge a team’s performance if you have no idea what they should be doing on the field. We recommend watching enough games and reading about the games you’re interested in to get a feel of the gameplay. On this note, take time to look through each team before an event and assess the players’ forms. Only then can you evaluate a team and figure out how well or poorly they have performed in a game.

Picking a Niche

There are tons of eSports and understanding all the gameplays would take a lot of work. Besides, it’s impossible to learn all the game rules. What can you do instead? You can zero in on a niche you enjoy. While this will reduce your gambling opportunities, it makes it easier to become an expert in specific games and place winning wagers while you are at it.

It will take a while before you can confidently claim to be an eSports betting expert. Until then, practice objectivity in your betting decisions, and it will pay off in the end.


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