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Early Voting Begins in Nevada: Thousands of Direct Votes Long Line | Las Vegas Local News Flash, Headline – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-10-18 01:30:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-Early voting began in Nevada on Saturday and has long been waiting to vote at several polling stations.

As of 3:00 pm on October 17, the first day of early voting, Clark County said 17,800 votes had been cast directly.

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According to the Secretary of State, as of 12:30 pm on Friday, approximately 67,000 mail ballots from Clark County were dropped or mailed.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak greeted voters on Saturday afternoon and cast a mail ballot at Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas.

“When it comes to voting this year, you have the option. You can drop the mailed ballots, like us, to any drop box location in the county, or as many Nevadans have already done. You can mail the ballot or vote early today, no matter how you vote, please vote early. “ Sisorak said.

Sisorak also said President Donald Trump will visit northern Nevada on Sunday.He’s here because he thinks he has a chance in Nevada. We have to show him that he has no chance in Nevada. Everything is going well in this election. Donald Trump’s four years have devastated our state and country. Nevadans can’t afford to buy Donald Trump for another four years. “

Processions and long wait times were found around the valley. Election officials reminded voters that the early voting site is open for 14 days, giving voters plenty of time to vote in the first hurry.

What you need to know before you go

Voting this year is long and can lead to longer waiting times for voting.

There are over 70 contests, so it will take some time to get over them. Dan Klin of Clark County said your sample vote would be helpful.

It is the voter’s responsibility to investigate the candidate before voting. If you are not familiar with a particular race candidate, leave it blank. Joe Gloria, the county’s voter registration body, said that if people vote ignorantly, unqualified officials will take office.

“Use sample voting for your benefit”

Klin suggested using the sample ballots in an advantageous way. Please take the time to fill out the form before you go to vote. This allows you to complete the process faster and is less likely to make mistakes.

“They can use that sample ballot to mark up, make selections, and make sure they’re selecting the candidates they want,” Kulin said.

In other states across the country, polls showed long waits during the first few days of early voting. Some Georgia voters report that they have to wait in line for more than five hours.

All registered voters in Nevada received the ballot by mail and were given the option to mail it. This was one of the ways the state worked to speed up the process for everyone.

If you’re worried about mailing, you can still fill out and drop one of the early voting sites. Keep in mind that if you do this, you don’t have to match the person waiting for the vote on the machine. Please bring it directly to the ballot drop box. Make sure it is signed. Otherwise, there is a risk that votes will not be counted.

The county will also offer a service that displays estimated wait times for various votes, but don’t rely on it.

“I can’t really tell them if there are crowds in a particular place in the polling place,” Klin said. “We want people to use it as a convenience. If you’re really worried about long lines and congestion at polling stations, we really recommend them to use postal voting.”

Poll Security

Security is also a major concern in this divisive election. As with all elections, Mr. Klin said safety is of paramount concern.

Asked how to protect voters at polling stations, Klin said the county is working closely with local law enforcement, secretary of state, and federal agencies to ensure that people can vote safely. Said.

The U.S. Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that it has appointed Assistant U.S. Attorney Jamie Mickelson as a district election officer in Nevada. Mickelson’s job is to oversee fraud and voting issues.

“The Justice Department plays an important role in stopping fraudulent elections and discrimination in voting and fighting these violations anytime, anywhere,” the law firm said.

“Federal law protects against crimes such as threats and bribes to voters, buying and selling votes, spoofing voters, changing vote counts, stuffing ballot boxes, disappointing ballots, or voting without input. It also includes special protection against rights. It stipulates that the number of voters is the number of voters who are free to vote from acts that threaten or harass them. “

If you have any concerns, you can contact AUS Aickelson at (702) 388-6336.

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