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Scott County, Kentucky (LEX 18) —Summer Dog Day is taking place at Eastern Elementary School. The Scott County school has two certified therapy dogs.

Quincy, a veteran library dog, and Max, a new dog, are in the block. Both special canines report obligations during their summer camp.

“If one of them isn’t here for some reason, we always have a dog here,” said school counselor and Max owner Melissa Johnson.

At the library, children read books to Quincy. He gives them calm self-confidence and comfort, especially for those who may usually struggle.

“He’s so calm that it helps to calm the kids automatically. When he calms down, they take a kind of what he’s doing and reflect that,” said the librarian. The owners of Debbie Gosage and Quincy said.

Max is hanging with a school counselor. He uses his special skills to help all children from anxiety to attendance.

“It’s very attractive for them to come to the office, not so scary when they have a dog to sit with,” said Melissa Johnson.

Schools with Max and Quincy aren’t just fun games. Like the work Max did with Amy Power’s daughter, the work they do can be life-changing.

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“When we get off, we need help getting her out of the car, and there were days when we couldn’t even get her out of the car to come to school,” Amy Power said. I fell in love with Max and since then she hasn’t had a hard time coming to school. She loves Max and they have a very special relationship. “

These dogs are probably more essential than ever and provide a normal sensation during difficult times as children prepare for the next grade that may be affected by COVID-19.

“They can pet him, smile, forget what’s going on and focus on being with him,” said Debbie Gosage.

“It was great to be here and around the kids and do what he thinks he was on this planet,” Johnson added.

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