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Tokyo (WFLA) — One of the best things to explore Japan is food, and for the country it’s a big business.

Tsukiji Fish Market, where many people gather, is a paradise for sushi, seafood, and ramen.

Ankyle owns the Yuri Japan Food Tour. Thankfully, there are 40 different food tours that showcase the tastes of Japan, from tea to street food.

“You will definitely find that most places specialize in one thing,” Kyle said. “So if it’s sushi, the place offers only sushi. If it’s ramen, that’s it, because I really believe that Japanese craftsmanship makes one thing perfect. And that’s what they do. Is the only thing that gives you. The 16 that brings it to the highest level really shows the spirit of Japanese cannibalism. “

Kyle said her business was hit hard during the pandemic.

“It was really good before the pandemic, but given the current situation in Japan, we are really struggling,” Kyle said.

She wanted the Olympics to be useful, but it would have been difficult without a foreign audience. She looks ahead with expectations for a bright future for the industry.

“If things get better, I think we’ll look back at Japan,” she said.

Eating at the Olympics: Arigato Japan Food Tours Source link Eating at the Olympics: Arigato Japan Food Tours

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