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Dennis Eckersley started at NESN in 2003. Stan Grossfeld / Globe Staff

Near Midseason Scout Report on NESN’s Red Sox Color Analyst Quartet Jerry Remy .. .. ..

Kevin Youkilis: If there’s one of the most improvements in the group, it’s the former Red Sox corner infielder best known when first referred to as “Youk” … or more precisely “Yooooouuuuuk”.

This makes sense, considering that it’s almost half the slate of about 50 games scheduled after Dennis Eckersley. The person in charge has benefited the beginners of broadcasting. He was active in his work, arriving early at the baseball field and gathering information from talking to players and personnel.

In his first batch of broadcast, Youkilis couldn’t get going too early to talk about non-gaming subjects. He felt that you had to prove that he was as fun and ridiculous as Remy. Remy missed entering that mode only when the game was dull or the score was biased.

Like Kevin Millar, Youkilis is, of course, a professional player, but he becomes critical when moments are needed, such as calling Christian Vazquez a run failure in a recent series in Toronto.

Youkilis also seems relieved to read ads, which is one of these annoying problems that fledgling broadcasters sometimes struggle with. NESN certainly has a lot of them.

Youkilis needs to maintain an important part of the booth if he so desires, but it’s not a shock to see him become a hitting coach at some point.

Kevin Millar: “Don’t win tonight” is scheduled for about 20 games, the smallest number of games among all color analysts. This is probably a good thing.That is he bad, But he is better with a small amount. His crowded personality is so overwhelming that viewers are wondering if he is rewarded for the word. By the way, of all the analysts NESN is using this year, Millar has the widest response from viewers.

Millar recently overwhelmed Eck at the booth after overwhelming Eck for the first time with three booths, and recently had a fun relationship with Eckersley. He helped make the recent booth visit by his ex-teammate Manny Ramirez very enjoyable.

Millar, the main gig co-host of MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, tends to watch baseball nationwide, but this doesn’t always work for regional broadcasts. His dance card is pretty full of gigs on his MLB Network and it’s doubtful if he’s the long-term answer at the booth. But NESN is getting what it wants. A totem who is a good companion, at least in a short period of time, and tells the story of a glorious era in the history of the Red Sox.

Tony Massarotti: If his question “this is why your favorite stinks” to the co-sponsorship of the “Felger and Massarotti” program at 98.5 The Sports Hub is protracted, his rational approach to color analysis is that question. It should choke the last embers. ..

There was no doubt about it anyway. Massarotti was always more calm and rational than Felger or Mazu when hosting the sports hub “Baseball Time”. Although sometimes frustrating, a large assessment of the afternoon drive program validates their approach, as it is hypocritical enough to reveal different personalities. There is no reason to change until the rating changes, and after more than 10 years, there are no signs of a loss of advantage.

On the Red Sox broadcast, Massarotti’s style was a year-long glove before he became a radio personality, beckoned by and Sports Hub.

He’s the hardest part of the job because he’s not a former player and can’t see it from the angle “I was there”. He handled it well and relied on the instinct of a former beat reporter to quickly identify angles and storylines.

Of course, he’s critical — on a recent West Coast road trip to the Red Sox, he gave it to Heimbloom for his unplanned bullpen construction — but he’s on his radio show. Not negative because of negativeness so that you can. He knows the game well and shows his appreciation for baseball. He returns to the stadium and sounds happy.

Dennis Eckersley: Believe it or not, Eck has retired from baseball for 24 years. This is the same number of seasons he pitched in majors in his Hall of Fame career. He started NESN in 2003, primarily in the role of a studio, and eventually developed his own devoted follow-up at the booth, always respecting Remy’s location. Over the past few years, Remy and Eckersley’s jokes and candidness at the booth, played live by Dave O’Brien, have been as insightful as baseball broadcasts.

There aren’t many new things to add here. This is the same. If there were more interesting and fun color analysts in baseball, I wouldn’t have heard them. please think about it. Currently, the most prominent color analyst in the country is John Smoltz of Fox Sports. Does anyone want to hear him more than Eck?

Eckersley is working in a range of 75 games this year. He should be able to have the schedule he wants as long as he wants.

Eckersley has not lost his fastball, Youkilis is most improved analyst Source link Eckersley has not lost his fastball, Youkilis is most improved analyst

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