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Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-19 21:34:45 –

Raleigh, NC (WNCN) – North Carolina launched a vaccine lottery earlier this year with many fanfare and herd immunity expectations. Did the potential to win $ 1 million or college scholarships motivate unvaccinated people?

Researchers who published their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that vaccine lottery effectiveness was nearly zero in all states that had a vaccine lottery, including North Carolina.

“When we looked at the timing of these vaccine lottery announcements and tested for changes or increases in vaccination rates, we found that vaccination rates were basically stable. Is 0%. You know that there was virtually no change, “said Benjamin Hansen, a professor of economics at the University of Oregon.

Co-authored by Hansen State-wide COVID-19 Lottery Announcement Linked to Immunization With Andrew Friedson of the University of Colorado Denver and Daval Dave, an economist and professor. The researchers made conclusions by comparing the data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

Johnny Gherkin, a professor of psychiatry at UNC, responded to the study by saying that the vaccine lottery could have had the opposite effect on those who were already skeptical.

“I think a lot of people are determined, but when this happens, it may actually strengthen their view, you know, why they pay me And maybe you want to get something healthy ?? “Gerkin said.

He also pointed out messaging issues that began early in the COVID-19 vaccine and false information on social media.

“Most of the time, there aren’t a lot of conspiracy beliefs or things of this kind. It’s just that there wasn’t a real clear message around it. There were various messages. Social media is very much. We have a wide range of reach, “Gerkin said.

“If they can see it not only for them, but for those who care about helping them not explain to them exposed to them, look, this is you Does not prevent you from getting it reliably. It reduces your chances of getting it, but it greatly improves your chances of not getting a serious illness. If you don’t go to the hospital, it’s the hospital It allows us to continue to take care of all those who have other life-threatening illnesses. “

Despite the discovery of his team, Hansen praised the state’s attempt, but hopes this is a lesson.

“If you find that something goes wrong, you’ll want to look at something else that might work better.”

Economist: Lotteries did little to boost vaccination rates across U.S. Source link Economist: Lotteries did little to boost vaccination rates across U.S.

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