Edina attorney Edward Schwartzbauer remained student of history after opposing Vietnam War

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Edward James Schwartzbauer, one of the 11 representatives from Minnesota who voted for Eugene McCarthy at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention, was a seasoned lawyer, anti-Vietnam War activist, and October 7. Died in. He was 90 years old.

Schwartzbauer, a longtime resident of Edina, served as an advocate for a deputy staff judge in the Army for three years before resigning as captain in 1958. He was later disillusioned with the Vietnam War.

His vote for fellow Minnesotan and peace movement champion McCarthy took place in the chaotic and violent context of the Chicago Convention. The peace movement failed, and television viewers who noted Hubert Humphrey as Democratic presidential candidate were shocked by live images of blood-splattered protesters. The war continued for several more years, with Republican candidate Richard M. Nixon defeating the president later that year.

Schwartzbauer’s son Paul James said he remembers his father calling from the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago to reassure his family. “He called us just minutes before he left for the tournament that night. It was police against most street students,” he said. Schwartzbauer later wrote about the mayhem he witnessed.

“I remember young people being brought to the hotel on stretchers and bleeding from their heads,” he wrote on the mnvietnam.org website.

James said Schwartzbauer’s opposition to the war was based on democratic beliefs, Vietnamese people should be allowed to follow their chosen Ho Chi Minh leaders, and the United States should not be involved. Said.

Born in St. Paul, the son of a miller, Schwartzbauer grew up on Rice Street before enrolling in law school at the University of Minnesota. He is a law review note editor and graduated second in class. Walter Mondale was a classmate.

After military service, Schwartzbauer began a long career at the Dorsey & Whitney law firm, now known as Dorsey. He was also a self-employed mediator, arbitrator, and administrative law judge. He was chairman of the Hennepin County Bar Association, a member and chairman of the Supreme Court for the Continuation of Legal Education, and a board member of the Minnesota Bar Association. He was a founding member of the Edina ABC program, which helped black children enroll in Edina’s school system.

Schwartzbauer’s private library, a writer and greedy reader, held political history. He has studied the Middle East in recent years and felt that injustice was being committed in every way, his son said. He sent many letters to the editors of Star Tribune.

Schwartzbauer was also a lifelong singer, be it a worship service in the churches of Hopkins and Edina, or a Southside singer in Minneapolis. He has performed with the Bloomington Civic Theater, Minnetonka Community Theater, Edina Community Theater, Applause Community Theater, and Charlotte Player in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Throughout his life and career, Schwartzbauer was idealistic and perfectionist, his son said. He is also an avid Gophers football fan and emails kids weekly to announce upcoming games.

“He was romantic, he really was,” James said.

Schwarzbauer is survived by Brothers Bernard and Robert Schwarzbauer, Paul James, Janet Schwarz, Mark, Tim, Dave, Tom Schwarzbauer’s children, 11 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

A memorial service was held. A funeral with full military honor at Fort Snelling is planned for March.

Edina attorney Edward Schwartzbauer remained student of history after opposing Vietnam War Source link Edina attorney Edward Schwartzbauer remained student of history after opposing Vietnam War

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