Educational merit of critical race theory sparks heated debate – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-08-02 16:09:00 –

A law requiring school districts in Washington to provide staff with training in cultural competence, diversity, impartiality, and inclusion came into force on July 25.

The subject of critical racial theory has sparked heated debate in school districts across the country, but the concept remains ambiguous and ambiguous to some.

“People are afraid of losing power and privilege and are confronting and facing their own role in inequality in our community and our history,” said the 41st legislature in which children attend school. District D-Mercer Island State Assembly member Tanasen said. At Mercer Island School District.

Sen emphasized that critical racial theory was not taught in Washington schools. She said that as the critical racial theory became almost “dog whistle,” the true definition and true policy of the theory became “misunderstood and misunderstood.”

“I hope it [my children] Diversity is a strength, and we learn that there has been racial discrimination in the past and we must think consistently about its implications now and in the future. [I also hope they learn] That race is really a social creation, not a biological one, “Sen said.

After Gig Harbor-based Christopher Rufo joined Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson and asked former President Donald Trump to abolish critical racial theory training in the federal government, critical racial theory It became a political slogan last fall. Trump did so in an executive order that President Joe Biden would cancel his first day in office.

Critical race theory is an academic and legal theory studied by people in higher academia. The critical racial theory, founded by renowned scholars such as Kimberlé Crenshaw, who also coined the term crossing, aims to understand systematic, structural, and institutional racism in the US legal system and society. Framework.

It deals with how historical white supremacy has transformed racial composition into a system of racial inequality that exists at the foundation of society and continues to harm colored races.

“By transforming differences and diversity into a multicultural and multicultural vision, CRT friends can go beyond mere emotions and altruism towards collaborative experiences and commitments. We will be able to dream beyond black and white colors, “rejecting the liberal approach of racial” color blindness “and” critical racial theory: an important work that formed the movement. Is stated in the introduction.

At Mercer Island, conversations between residents have become a hot topic in this year’s school board elections. Currently, the only candidate, El Nguyen, states their position on this issue.

“We must reject critical racial theories and other radical concepts so that children are judged by their personality, not their color,” Nguyen Candidate Webb. The site states.

Several states, including Texas, Idaho, and Oklahoma, have passed legislation that restricts the way public school teachers talk about race and history. However, the critical racial theory itself is not the subject of education from kindergarten to high school. Instead, these laws are trying to prevent a curriculum that teaches children about race, equality, and diversity, or a curriculum that addresses the historical system of racism and white supremacy.

Some parents fear that teaching their children about anti-racism and dealing with it rather than ignoring it creates prejudices that did not exist before. Others say it is a form of reverse racism against whites.

“Critical racist theory states that white-skinned people are essentially racists, not because they believe in behavior, words, or in fact, but because of their color. “I’m arguing,” said Ralph Norman, US Congressman in South Carolina, at a press conference in May.

In Washington, some schools in Redmond, Snohomish, and Whidbey Island have even said that parents protest critical racial theory and remove their children from the school system.

Some parents of Mercer Island have joined the Nextdoor online group to discuss the benefits of critical racial theory in public schools with each other and to discuss school board candidates.

“This law is an important step in making our school welcoming and inclusive for color families,” said Johnny White, Vice President of the Washington Education Association, a new law in Washington State. ..

Senator added that it is more important to talk about race and diversity than to try to whiten society. She said different communities have different struggles and joys and their culture should be celebrated.

“I think it’s very important for us to teach the history of the country, warts, etc. Whether we’re learning about the Holocaust, Japanese burial, or slavery, it’s me. To prevent us from repeating it, which allows us to understand the long-term consequences of it, “Sen said. “It is often lost in conversation and politics on this topic. Integrating the history of education with a racial element in critical racial theory is useless and inaccurate.”

“People are afraid of losing power and privilege and are confronting and facing their own role in inequality in our community and our history,” said Tanasen, Congressman (D-41). Said.File photo

Educational merit of critical race theory sparks heated debate Source link Educational merit of critical race theory sparks heated debate

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