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Edwards Signs into Law 2 Occupational Licensing-Related Reform Bills – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-06-26 21:52:36 –

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Baton Rouge (Center Square) — Governor John Bel Edwards has signed two bills related to professional licenses. For licenses.

House Building 639, sponsored by Republican Rep. Thomas Presley, allows serious offenders to petition the state license committee to determine license eligibility before attending school or training. The bill endorsed by the Pelican Institute was signed by Edwards on Tuesday to become Law 486.

House Building 1062, another vocational licensing reform backed by the Pelican Institute, was sponsored by Congressman Amy Freeman of D-New Orleans and approved by Edwards. This bill, called the Livelihood Rights Act, became Law 583, which requires the Occupational License Commission and Commissions to justify rules and regulations based on public health, safety, welfare, or standards obligations, and the Louisianas. Gives you the ability to challenge these rules. court.

“Louisiana is one of the most licensed states in the country,” said Daniel Elspammer, CEO of the Pelican Institute, in a news release. “These bills begin the process of amending our vocational license law and give everyone in Louisiana a fair opportunity to succeed as an entrepreneur. Make a living for our citizens. Restoring the right to stand is the basis for ensuring that all Louisianas thrive and have the opportunity to follow their chosen career. “

Other measures signed by Edwards include bills such as creating wind energy leases, increasing public school transparency, improving the state’s medical marijuana law, and restricting the publication of reserved photos.

The Governor has signed Bill 165, sponsored by R-Houma Rep. Jerome Zelinge, to increase the current limits on individual oil and gas leases for wind energy leases from up to 5,000 acres to up to 25,000 acres.

The bill (now Law 443) also authorizes the state’s Mineral Energy Commission to enter into an operating agreement for the state to receive a portion of its revenue.

Edwards also approved House Building 369, sponsored by R-Alexandria Rep. Reims Harris, and requested that the school post an understanding summary of parental rights in education, including access to educational materials.

HB 369 (now Law 466) requires schools to distribute the same information to parents during the first week of school.

Several bills approved by Edwards aim to improve the state’s medical marijuana regulations. They include House Bill 135, sponsored by I-Gretna Rep. Joseph Marino, to enable dispensing medical marijuana to certain qualified patients from outside the state. House Building 137, also by Marino, extends legal protection to visiting qualified patients. House Building 190 sponsored by D-Vidalia’s Congressman C. Travis Johnson to allow nurse practitioners to recommend medical cannabis to patients as well as doctors.

Edwards also signed a house building 629 sponsored by Rep. Marcus Bryant of D-New Iberia to ban searches without a warrant of human residence based solely on the smell of marijuana. House Building 234, sponsored by Congressman Laurie Schlegel and R-Jefferson, bans smoking or steaming marijuana in cars. Sponsored by Rep. Tanner Maggie, the HB 697 has reformed the medical cannabis system and expanded the number of clinics.

Another Maggie-sponsored bill, House Bill 698, which charges marijuana testing facilities, was also approved by Edwards.

The Governor also announced the approval of House Building 729, sponsored by Congressman Royce Dupresis, D-New Orleans, to limit the publication of reserved photos for most crimes, with a few exceptions.

Other approved bills include high school core curriculum requirements, parliamentary security services, sports betting, sexual crime victims, the establishment of a new Dewdrop American Rock’n’Roll Museum, hair discrimination, and prescription human milk insurance. Applications, alcohol delivery, firearms hold agreements and many other issues.

Edwards Signs into Law 2 Occupational Licensing-Related Reform Bills Source link Edwards Signs into Law 2 Occupational Licensing-Related Reform Bills

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