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Edwards vetoes bill that would allow state board to approve charters – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-06-28 15:43:05 –

The veto to allow charter schools approved by the state school board rather than the local school board is a number of bills from the 2022 regular legislative meeting recently approved or rejected by Governor John Bell Edwards. It was one of.

Edwards vetoed Senate Bill 145, sponsored by Senator Kirk Talbot, R-River Ridge, on Monday. Board of education.

This measure was endorsed by the Pelican Institute and the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s school selection advocates. The state of Louisiana now allows businesses to partner with charter school operators to serve “corporate charters” to both the children and others of employees in the public school district where the school resides.

SB 145 would have allowed BESE to consider applying for a charter to allow students from multiple parishes.

School selection advocates have long criticized policies that allow local public school boards to approve charter schools, as public school boards have financial incentives to limit student competition. I did.

Edwards is saddened by the veto message: Administrative benefits you may receive. “

The Louisiana Chamber of Commerce gave a series of answers Post On Twitter.

“This nonsensical veto is one of several vetos that punish families looking for new options for educating their children,” LABI posted. “This behavior does not seem to pay particular attention to the reality we face as a state, especially with lower reading scores, exemptions from graduation requirements, and an ever-increasing need for workers. Given that. “

Edwards’ SB145 veto would have allowed students with disabilities and other recent education who are struggling to read to find better non-public education options with state funding. Follow the veto right of the Savings Account Bill.

Other Edwards vetoes announced on Monday included bills related to the declared authority over state buildings, criminal penalties including juveniles, federal directives including elections, and certain criminals. Includes laws detailing the power to arrest.

Edwards also established Ecole Pointe-aux-Chenes, a French immersive school for lower grades in Teleborn Parish, to enhance protection for tenants after a disaster and to establish a “hunger-free” designation and grant program. For higher education institutions that have signed dozens of bills, including measures for, demand water safety from public school students and create a $ 10 million Louisiana Outdoor Forever program for conservation.

Yet other approved bills include enrollment in teacher education programs, prohibition of arrests for driving under licenses suspended for not paying taxes, regulation of pharmacy benefit managers, sharing of insulin prescription costs, and Mardi Gras. Responsibilities related to the parade were included.

A complete list of bills approved and rejected by Edwards is of the Governor’s Website..

Edwards vetoes bill that would allow state board to approve charters Source link Edwards vetoes bill that would allow state board to approve charters

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