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Tampa, Florida 2021-05-07 20:17:02 –

As we recognize nurses this week, the World Health Organization considers all 2021 to be the year of nurses.

This is an effort to promote global investment in nursing.

WHO is calling on countries to increase their education funding to hire more nurses.

stride Is a kindergarten to high school program offered in some states.

It helps students reach the front line faster.

High school students have the opportunity to graduate as certified nursing assistants without additional school education.

But if they want to pursue further careers and become associate nurses or registered nurses, that experience will help them step into the door.

Stride’s Director of Health Career Programs says getting CNA certification was something he did while he was in college and made a big difference.

“I was able to work in a local hospital and gain some additional experience, which really helped me,” said Dr. Sheri Wilson, director of the Stride Health Career Program. “It added value to my nursing program because I was already exposed to clinical skills by working as a certified nursing assistant.”

Stride allows students to graduate from high school with this qualification, so she says it can help with a shortage of nurses.

If that is what they want to pursue, it allows students to make decisions faster.

A stride student graduating said she wanted to start helping out with a pandemic.

“It’s very exciting to see how much a nurse can keep moving forward,” said Megan Hanson, a stride nursing student. “I think it’s just an additional bonus that we want to help, fight like the front lines, and help people make medical decisions.”

Even if the school does not offer a stride program, there are several options that high school students can pursue to see if nursing is suitable for them.

“Volunteer opportunities are great for students interested in healthcare and nursing,” said Dr. Wilson. “It provides students with great exposure, and over time I think there will be additional opportunities for students to volunteer.”

She says many schools also have nursing or healthcare explorer clubs.

Work shadowing and mentorship are also great ways to gain early experience.

Efforts underway to get students into nursing programs earlier Source link Efforts underway to get students into nursing programs earlier

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