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Men have detained older women in Maryland from nearly $ 2 million. The woman thought she could trust the lawyer to set her property, but the prosecutor says he received the money for her.

Helen Nat worked hard as a church secretary, saving her money and making quite a few nest eggs.

“She died at the age of 91, but the investment went well and saved,” said John McCarthy, a lawyer in Montgomery County. “She made money the old-fashioned way. She worked and saved.”

Prosecutors say she was fooled by the hard-earned money of lawyer and certified accountant Jonathan Robins. They say she asked him for help in setting up trust and property documents.

“But in the end, he was able to control everything himself, without oversight, with no second eye, no third eye, no check, no balance,” McCarthy said. It was.

He moved to the mansion on the Misnat dime and he lived a high life.

Montgomery County Attorney John McCarthy

According to prosecutors, a jury in Montgomery County has found Robins guilty of several financial crimes. He spent $ 1.8 million over the years.

Supervisors and financial institutions noticed something was wrong and whistled.

“I wrote the check myself, approved the check, and deposited it in my account,” says McCarthy. “Sometimes it was a small amount — 20,000, 30,000. I think the biggest check is about $ 300,000.”

According to prosecutors, Nat died at the age of 91 before the trial took place. They presented about 300 exhibits, including a photo showing the modest house Robins lived in before he met Nat and the 6,600-square-foot house he moved to.

“He survived and lived in a townhouse,” McCarthy said. “Well, when this trial took place-and you’ll see a picture of it-he moved to a dime mansion in Misnat, and he lived a high life.”

The prosecutor described Nat as a complete victim. She was trustworthy, had a lot of money, had no family to monitor her nearby, and was suffering from dementia.

After Robins was convicted, the judge revoked his bond. He is in jail awaiting a September ruling. He faces up to 45 years in prison.

The prosecution says the lesson is not to trust one person to handle your financial problems, and to check your older loved ones to make sure everything is ok.

News4 contacted the public defender and said he needed to talk to Robins before commenting.

Elderly Maryland Woman Swindled Out of $1.8M – NBC4 Washington Source link Elderly Maryland Woman Swindled Out of $1.8M – NBC4 Washington

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