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Tulsa, Oklahoma — When an elderly woman in Tulsa discovered that pests could be eating too much at home, her family needed help.

As Pete Knutson of 2News Problem Solver told us, they were afraid that their guarantee would be worthless.

Marcia Judy will never forget returning home for only one day in April.

“When we saw the flock, it was incredibly shocking.”

A flock of termites greeted her, but they were only alive.

“The dead were in many rooms everywhere on the carpet.”

Thankfully, Marcia thought her husband had signed with Terminix more than a quarter of a century ago and made all payments on time. He was inspected up to four times a year.

Therefore, this termite invasion is dealt with with all damage. At least that’s what the contract says.

“Thanks to being a sincere customer for many years, I was confident that they would respond quickly and take care of me.”

However, her daughter Keri says she called Terminix after her mother found termites. She called several times to find out what was next, but there was no response after her first visit the next day.

“I’m not very confident in what they sold to my parents. I’m losing trust in them.”

Finally, Keri says a technician appeared two weeks later and found the damage.

“At that point, they were verbally told that they were responsible. The next point is the contact from the contractor.”

But again, Keri and Marcia say the radio silence for days.

The local office was very kind when Keri called about the matter, but her mother’s account reported damage, whether there were still termites alive, and if anything else should be done. It wasn’t mentioned.

“It’s a family home and it feels like it’s falling around us and falling around us.”

After the representative discovered the termite damage, Keri said, but said it could take some time before the repairs were completed.

All right, Keri tells the problem solver.Family just wants open communication and guarantees work It will be done.

When I contacted the headquarters, I was told that Terminix had started the billing process.

Here are some tips you should know before signing any kind of warranty agreement.

  • Always get everything in writing … don’t compromise on verbal agreements.
  • Find out the cost.
  • Ask yourself: Should I put the money in another repair account instead of buying a warranty?
  • How long will the contract last? Make sure you have a definite end date.
  • Clarify what is specifically covered.
  • What is included in the billing process?
  • Consider the reputation of the company.

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