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If the US Supreme Court overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade case and legalizes abortion nationwide, it will quickly divide the country into states that have access to abortion and states that outlaw it.

The Supreme Court confirmed that the leaked draft was a genuine document, but said on Tuesday that “this does not represent the court’s decision or the final position of the members on the matter of the case.”

Immediately after Politico released the draft on Monday night, Republicans who have cultivated decades of impetus to end the right to abortion supported the outlook. The Democratic Party has vowed to combat the potential loss of rights that has been in place for nearly half a century.

This announcement evoked various reactions from advocacy groups and parliamentary and parliamentary elected Khan officials.

Two representatives of Kern County in Congress, House Minority Leaders Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) and Congressman David Baradao (R-Hanford), overwhelmed the Supreme Court in separate statements issued Tuesday. He criticized Leak for trying to put pressure on him.

“I believe that all human life is sacred and must be protected. If this decision is final, the abortion law decision will be returned to the state and how to address this issue. We will decide what we want to do with it, “Baladao said in an email. “This unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court clearly means putting public pressure on the Supreme Court judges. This is of deep concern to our body and we will investigate it thoroughly. is needed.”

McCarthy called the court “a well-coordinated campaign to intimidate and thwart” when seeking an immediate investigation into the leak.

“Republicans have promised to protect the dignity of life, and we will continue to fight for the voices of truly silent people. McCarthy said,” It’s as special as the miracle of life, extraordinary and fighting. “Nothing is worth it,” he said. “We pray for the judge’s determination and the decision to protect our most basic and valuable rights, the right to life.”

Kathy Abernathy, a prominent Bakersfield Republican strategist, expressed concern over the violation of the US Supreme Court’s protocol, but also mentioned consent to a new draft majority opinion.

“The leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion is serious, but I agree with this majority claim that the Roe v. Wade decision followed the rights of the state, especially the 10th Amendment.” Powers that have not been delegated to and not prohibited by the United States are reserved to the United States or its people, respectively. “

Reaction in Sacramento

Governor Gavin Newsom and the Supreme Legislative Leader have promised to revise the November vote to “worship the right to choose” in California. To overturn the Roe v. Wade case, a groundbreaking 1973 ruling that prevented the state government from banning abortions.

If successful, the fix will not change much in California. In California, the majority of lawmakers have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to keeping abortion legal and accessible. But that would make it much harder for future lawmakers to abolish their protection.

Vince Fong of R-Bakersfield, one of Khan’s two Republicans, addressed the issue in a statement emailed to Californians as of Tuesday morning. Said there was no new legislation.

“All human life is sacred and precious,” Fong said. “It is a basic belief to reach out to our most vulnerable people.”

Across the aisle, D-Bakersfield Rep. Rudy Salas did not address the legislation that had been discussed since the leak on Monday night, but issued a statement on Tuesday about his position.

“I have always believed that women’s sexual and reproductive health care decisions are a private matter, and should be decided within the limits of women, her doctors, and her religious beliefs.” Saras said in an email.

Robin Walters, the female president of the Khan Democratic Party, said she was not surprised to see the draft decision expected by the High Court. But she added that it’s hard to see the language in print.

“I could almost cry talking about it,” Walters said in a telephone interview. She was registered as a Republican at college, but she added that she changed her party preferences more than this issue.

Senator Shannon Grove and Melissa Hurtado did not immediately respond to requests for comment when they arrived on Tuesday.

“Worst fear” and optimism

Walters recalled a time when women did not have the right to have an abortion, saying that the reversal of the Roe v. Wade case would have a devastating impact on women’s dignity, physical independence, and humanity.

Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said access is still a legal right, while there are national efforts to outlaw this practice. Planned Parenthood Hood Marmonte operates a center in Bakersfield on 16th Avenue.

“Let’s be clear. Abortion is legal. It’s still your right,” McGill Johnson said. “This leaked opinion is horrifying and unprecedented, supporting our worst fears. The Supreme Court prepares to end its constitutional right to abortion by overturning the Roe v. Wade case. We’ve seen it written on the wall for decades, but it’s not so devastating, with anti-abortion rights groups nationwide. It’s the same as announcing the final plan to ban abortion. “

Erin Rogers, executive director of the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, said it was “a licensed clinic offering free services for pregnancy and sexual health decisions.” Eliminates the need for abortion. “

“As a professional life individual, I’m personally optimistic that the court will overturn Law,” Rogers said, referring to the leaked decision. But that wasn’t a surprise.

“… When I heard the oral argument when the case was heard, I felt that the court’s questions, if not overturned, were already directed at least to the decision to limit Roe,” she said. Said. she said.

She also said that regardless of how she feels about this issue, the dynamics that exist in Sacramento are unlikely to dramatically change the situation for Californians.

“(Draft Opinion) simply allows the legislatures of each state to decide when and when to provide abortion services to women, or whether to provide them. Of course, expanding the right to abortion here in California. We plan to double what we do. Therefore, this decision does not change what we do in Baker’s Field, because we will continue to serve our clients regardless of the decisions they make regarding their pregnancy. “

Elected officials, others react to historic leak on Roe v. Wade | News Source link Elected officials, others react to historic leak on Roe v. Wade | News

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