# Election2020 | Trump: “My Message to Black America” – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2020-10-30 18:42:00 –

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump on Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House Photo: Shealah Craig Head)

In 2016, I asked an African-American a simple question. “What do I need to lose?”

African Americans don’t have to ask what they need to lose in 2020. Instead, you need the question, “How much do you need to get?”

As your president, I’ve done more for the black community than Democrats like Joe Biden have done for 47 years, and we’re going to do more. As part of our efforts, we announced the second phase of the agenda.Platinum planTo ensure that more black Americans have the opportunity to succeed in the next four years for the economic empowerment of blacks.

The plan is built around the pillars of opportunity, security, prosperity and justice. I will add 3 million new jobs to the black community, create 500,000 new black-owned businesses, increase access to the black community’s capital by about $ 500 billion, and create a new era of prosperity. Finally, we are working to fill the wealth gap.

We are increasing access to the capital and economic empowerment of the black community as a way to build wealth for the black generation.

I knew the Democratic Party could do more for blacks than ever before. action.. In fact, it’s the Democrats who take advantage of the sympathy and trust of black Americans with false promises and empty rhetoric.

I’ve been fighting for all Americans since I became your president. Unlike DC’s political establishment, which was looking only for a small group of elites at the expense of working families, my administration empowers all Americans on an agenda that puts you first, as I care. I’m giving.

African-American unemployment and poverty rates hit record lows shortly before we were hit by the Chinese virus. In particular, wages for blue-collar workers are growing faster than they were more than a decade ago.

My administration is fighting to stop illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants hurt the black community, protect school choices, give parents more options for their children to access better schools, create new high-paying jobs and increase investment in low-income areas I will. An unprecedented opportunity for a long-forgotten community across the country.

We are also honored to work with US Senator Tim Scott to create an established Opportunity Zone program through tax cuts and employment legislation. The program has already attracted $ 75 billion in new private investment and created 500,000 new jobs in a struggling, poorly serviced community.

As for the Historically Black Colleges (HBCU), all HBCU leaders were invited to the White House, addressed at the HBCU Week Conference, and became the first president to permanently fund these important schools through future law. I am honored to have done so.

We are proud to have passed a groundbreaking criminal justice reform to undo the damage of mass imprisonment. This often helps people who have been severely sentenced to nonviolent crimes get a second chance in the American dream. This has long been one of the greatest bipartisan victories and is widely regarded as a testament to what we can achieve together.

When violence and deaths increased in Democratic-controlled cities, we started Operation Legend after the young LeGend Taliferro and confirmed the results. When lawless criminals continue to plunder, burn and destroy black businesses and communities, we say peace, law and order are needed in these same cities to keep communities and families safe. I did.

Black communities across the country have argued against the reality that Democrats have failed them for generations. Democrats in Washington, DC are willing to leave the urban community suffering from school failures, lack of work, and loss of hope while wasting time and taxpayer money on unfounded partisan politics. ..

The truth is this: Democrats look down on my American-first agenda. It enriches their friends and family, sends jobs abroad, supports illegal immigrants, and keeps African-American families high and dry while continuing their endless war with their taxpayer-funded gravy train. Because it was dismantled.

I will continue to work with all Americans who want to make America great again by regaining American work, improving schools, building safer and more prosperous communities, and reuniting families through meaningful judicial reforms. I will.

I meant that when I promised to represent the forgotten men and women of this country, whether living in Chicago, Charlotte, Detroit or Dubuque, black or white. And that’s exactly what I did.

So check my records and consider voting for me to continue fighting for you for another four years as president.

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