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According to energy experts, greenhouse gas emissions over the life of an electric vehicle are usually less than those emitted by a gas vehicle.

more Electric cars are for sale Now more than ever in the United States, according to the Department of Energy. and, Recent surveyAbout 39% of Americans say they are considering buying an electric car the next time they go to a car dealership.

Joyce, a VERIFY viewer, wants to know if an electric car is really environmentally friendly.


Are electric cars worse for the environment than gasoline cars?

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No, electric cars are less harmful to the environment than gasoline cars.

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US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Uncover some myths About electric vehicles on their website, including whether electric vehicles are worse off the climate than gas-powered vehicles due to power plant emissions.

According to the EPA, electric vehicles typically emit less carbon dioxide than gas vehicles, including when considering the power used to charge electric vehicles.

“Surveys have shown that electric vehicles typically have lower greenhouse gas levels than the average new petrol vehicle,” the EPA said on its website. “As long as we use more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to generate electricity, the total amount of greenhouse gases associated with electric vehicles can be even lower.”

The EPA also uncovers the myth that electric vehicles are worse off the climate than gasoline vehicles due to battery production.

“Several studies have shown that making a typical electric vehicle can result in more carbon pollution than making a gasoline vehicle. It makes batteries for electric vehicles. It’s due to the additional energy needed to do this, “says EPA.

“Nevertheless, the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture, charging, and operation of electric vehicles are typically less than the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with gasoline vehicles over the life of the vehicle. , Because electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions and typically produce significantly less greenhouse gases during operation, “continued the EPA.

recently study Battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) “have much lower life cycle greenhouse gas emissions” than gas-powered vehicles, according to an announcement by the International Clean Transport Council (ICCT) in July 2021. Is shown.

According to ICCT results, average medium-sized battery-powered electric vehicles have 60% to 68% lower emissions over their entire lifespan than comparable gasoline vehicles in the United States.

“As the electricity mix continues to decarbonize, the lifecycle emission gap between BEVs and petrol vehicles will increase significantly, given the medium-sized vehicles expected to be registered in 2030,” ICCT said. increase.

You can use the EPA and the Ministry of Energy to estimate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with charging and driving an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in which you live. Beyond the tail pipe emission calculator..

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Electric cars better for environment than gas-powered cars Source link Electric cars better for environment than gas-powered cars

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