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Tampa, Florida 2021-07-16 18:35:51 –

Tampa Nick Abbott just moved to Element in January and is having problems.

“In fact, this is the second time our apartment has been flooded. This is worse, but it’s just a terrible experience for us,” Abbott said.

He says water entered his apartment a few months ago.

“We found that they were high pressure cleaning the emergency exit stairs next to us and that it penetrated under the walls and into our carpet. So we have to deal with it. It was, “said Abbott.

Another tenant sent a series of emails from The Element’s management stating the issues that many of the people living here have addressed.

Element apartment evacuated due to flood caused by break in water main

In January, the water supply pipe broke, causing problems with water supply to higher floors.

Other emails indicate that the water was cut off in February, March and April for repairs.

One resident said in April that a sprinkler was leaking into the bathroom.

And Brandon Gerfen tells us that he wants a rent break for all these constant challenges.

He told us about the last problem that happened a few months ago.

“I turned on the faucet, but it’s not working. The shower isn’t working either. I get an email saying that it will take a few days for everything to come back on. I had to deal with it, And now we have this, “Gerfen said.

The building is owned by Northland.

They released a statement today, “We will work with the authorities and our real estate team to resolve this issue as soon as possible.” Residents’ safety and welfare are our top priorities. “

Element residents say water problems have happened before Source link Element residents say water problems have happened before

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