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Elephants suck water at 330 mph.

Elephant The trunk sucks very much — that’s good. The strong suction allows elephants to cleverly grab small, delicate foods and even fragile tortilla chips that can be crushed or crushed by the grip of a muscular trunk. I can do it.

High-speed video recently revealed that the success of this inhalation was due to the strength of the elephant’s inhalation. Researchers have calculated that elephants can smoke at speeds of over 336 mph (540 km / h). This is more than 30 times the speed of air exhaled when a human sneezes (about 10 miles (16 km / h)) and is faster than JR, according to the Shinkansen (199 mph or 320 km / h). Nippon Railway).

Elephants suck water at 330 mph.

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