Elise Musels shares her “food story” in a new book: More

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Self-care central!Nutrition expert Elise Musels Her new book adds a new spin to the world of wellness, Food Story: Rewrite how to eat, think, and live..

From Lawyer to Food Psychology Specialist Extend the advice She introduced fans of the Kale & Chocolate blog in her book and hit the shelves on Tuesday, October 26th. Museles explores the relationship between the food we put in our bodies and the mood we express in the world and tells our readers Change their point of view About the relationship with food.

The practical tactics she outlines remind people who are trying to improve their lifestyle that they can “eat in a pleasing way.”

Museles writes: You can reconnect to your body and its inner wisdom so that you are healthy and happy. I don’t feel guilty. You don’t have to guess again. “

By cutting the “food noise” that Museles says “affects your choices, habits and self-esteem,” you can give your body the fuel it needs without feeling guilty.

“Your brain listens to everything you say,” she explains. “I can hear your body. I always hear it. There is no sentence I have never heard. When I tell myself,” I have terrible food, “your body hears the story of the defeat and responds accordingly. React. When you say, “I love taking care of myself,” your body hears about its narcissism.

Elise Musels Share the Secrets of a Nutrition Diet New Book Food Story

“Food Story” by Elise Musels. Courtesy Elise Musels

Although Museles’ approach is science-backed, the guidelines are not “strict” as follows: Other strict diet plans..

“Instead, you will come across questions about ample reflection, exciting practices, and open spaces to record your thoughts, feelings, and realizations,” she informs the reader. ..

Learn the story of your individual food Can increase self-confidence No unhealthy restrictions. Museles upsets the script on how people approach food relationships, emphasizing “connection, nutrition, energy, joy, love” rather than calories.

From a more accurate recommendation and empowering perspective, Museums encourages mindfulness to help readers become the healthiest self.

Food Story: Rewrite how to eat, think, and live Currently available.

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Elise Musels shares her “food story” in a new book: More

Source link Elise Musels shares her “food story” in a new book: More

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