Elizabeth Warren targets Jeff Bezos with a wealth tax push

Sen. Elizabeth Warren On Wednesday she rekindled tax demands on the wealth of the wealthiest Americans and called millionaires Amazon Founder and early space travel mogul Jeff Bezos For what she sees she didn’t pay his fair share.

“We want to see us taxing wealth, but your wealth is tied up. You have real estate, you have cash, you have hundreds of millions of shares in Amazon. It doesn’t matter if you’re there. Yes, Jeff Bezos, a Democrat in Massachusetts, said in a “squawbox.”

“Any form you have in your property: diamonds, yachts, paintings-I think it should be taxed annually,” she added.

According to Forbes, Bezos is the wealthiest person on the planet, with a net worth of $ 207.7 billion.

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Wealth tax, one of the hottest tax bills, is becoming more popular among populists and progressive politicians as a means of combating economic inequality.

In the 2020 presidential election, Warren proposed a “super millionaire tax” of 2% per year if net worth exceeds $ 50 million and 6% if property exceeds $ 100 million. The income generated from these taxes ($ 2.7 trillion in 10 years, according to Penn Wharton) would have been used to improve health care, child care, housing and education programs.

Warren mentioned Amazon Bezos executives have repeatedly argued in interviews Wednesday that they have unfairly avoided paying US taxes because they are borrowing shares in Amazon, which has low annual income and is the most valuable asset.

“Jeff Bezos isn’t paying taxes on the wealth he has,” she said. He said, “It’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He doesn’t pay taxes on all of his wealth …. In fact, Jeff Bezos hasn’t paid any taxes or paid 1% for many years. increase.”

Her thorns for Bezos came just a week after the e-commerce tycoon Soar to the edge of the universe With his space travel company, Blue Origin.

“I am very grateful to all Amazon customers and Amazon employees, and I am very grateful,” Bezos said after the flight.

Tourism market is an estimated fragment $ 420 billion space economy..

The launch showed that Blue Origin entered and participated in the private spaceflight market. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic — Direct competitors in the field of ballistic tourism — and Of Elon Musk SpaceX.

Elizabeth Warren targets Jeff Bezos with a wealth tax push

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