Elon Musk says Tesla has officially canceled the Model S Plaid Plus

Tesla The company has canceled the flagship sedan’s most expensive model, the S-Plaid Plus, according to a tweet by CEO Elon Musk on Sunday.

Previously, the Tesla and Mask were Plaid Plus versions of the new Model S, a trimotor that provided drivers with 1,100 horsepower, a 520-mile range with a fully rechargeable battery, and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than two seconds. I promised the fans.

On Sunday, Mr. Musk wrote on Twitter: His followers exceed 50 million.

“Plaid + has been cancelled. Plaid is so good that you don’t need it.” He said, “It can reach 0 to 60mph in less than 2 seconds. It’s the fastest of any kind of commercial car ever made. Believe it. There is no such thing. “

Tesla raised the price of the Model S Plaid Plus by $ 10,000 in March to about $ 150,000. The option to order the Model S Plaid Plus variant was removed from the Tesla website around the last week of May. CNET report..

The remaining high-end version of the Model S Plaid costs around $ 119,900, features a 390-mile range battery, 1,020 horsepower, and features such as acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2 seconds.

Formerly musk Planning a “delivery” ceremony at Tesla’s plant The Model S Plaid was held on June 3rd in Fremont, California. As the date approached, he postponed this until June 10.

Like other North American automakers, Tesla has tackled supply chain issues. Lack of computer chips..

The company recently I removed the radar sensor Low-cost model 3 sedan and model Y crossover lumbar support from the passenger seat for North American customers.

It did not produce the higher priced ones Models S or Model X vehicles in the first quarter of 2021Despite Mr. Musk’s earnings announcement for the fourth quarter of 2020, he said production was underway.

By April 26, on Tesla’s next closing call, Musk said:

“In the first quarter, we had some of the most difficult supply chain challenges we’ve ever experienced in Tesla’s life. The parts supply chain was very difficult across all parts, obviously. , We were angry with the lack of chips. This is a big problem. “

He also talked about the technical challenges of developing and manufacturing new versions of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV.

“Developing the Plaid Model S or Palladium program was more challenging than expected. It’s a new version of the Model S and X, with internal improvements, a new battery pack, a new drive unit, and new internal electronics. It’s a high-station level infotainment system. “” It took a lot of development to make sure the batteries in the new S and X were safe, “he added.

Meanwhile, the company has raised prices several times this year for various variations of the more popular Model 3 and Model Y in the United States. Musk said the cause of the price increase was also a supply chain problem. In a tweet on May 31, he wrote, “Prices are rising due to price pressures in major supply chains across the industry, especially raw materials.”

Elon Musk says Tesla has officially canceled the Model S Plaid Plus

Source link Elon Musk says Tesla has officially canceled the Model S Plaid Plus

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