Elon Musk says Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin when miners use 50% clean energy

Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) boss Elon Musk used Bitcoin on Sunday if his electric car company could confirm that much of the energy used to mine cryptocurrencies came from clean energy sources. Announced that it will allow the purchase of vehicles.

“Tesla will resume permitting Bitcoin trading once it sees reasonable (-50%) clean energy usage by miners who tend to be positive in the future,” Musk said in a tweet. Stated.

As cryptocurrencies are gaining attention, use and popularity, the computing power used to create and track digital assets is that An important contributor to carbon emissions..

Tesla revealed at SEC filing in February that it had purchased Bitcoin worth $ 1.5 billion And said it would start Accept Bitcoin As a payment method for the product.

In May, an EV manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California, stopped buying vehicles using Bitcoin due to environmental issues. At the time, Musk said, “We are concerned about the rapid increase in the use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and trading, especially coal, which emits the least amount of fuel.”

He also said that Tesla will hold Bitcoin in its possession for use “as soon as mining moves to more sustainable energy” and consider other cryptocurrencies that require less energy for transactions.

Mask’s latest social media comment on cryptocurrencies follows a statement by Magda Wiazikka, CEO of South African asset manager Signia, and Tesla’s chief tweet on Bitcoin prices said:Market manipulationShould have encouraged an investigation by the SEC.

“Tesla has sold about 10% of Bitcoin’s holdings and has confirmed that it can easily liquidate BTC without moving the market,” Musk disagreed with market manipulation claims on Sunday.

Tesla sold $ 272 million worth of “digital assets” in the first quarter, reducing operating losses by $ 101 million. CNBC report.


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