Elon Musk says Tesla’s price increase is the result of supply chain problems

The movable lumbar was removed only in the passenger seat of 3 / Y (not in the back seat). The logs were rarely used. If rarely used, it is not worth the cost / mass to anyone.

Prices are rising as supply chain price pressure increases across the industry. Especially raw materials.

After Tesla’s popular Model 3 and Model Y have been raised many times, CEO Elon Musk has finally tackled the issue and said it has something to do with supply chain issues across the automotive industry. It was.

Since February, Tesla will be phased Price increase Provided 5 times no comment About changes.Musk finally confided the topic when he replied to Twitter users on Monday. @ Ryanth3nerdHe wrote that he didn’t like “Tesla is trying to raise the price of the car, but is going to remove features such as the model Y’s lumbar spine.”

Musk writes that Tesla removed the lumbar support feature only in the passenger seat. This is because the logs were rarely used.

He goes on to write about the recent series of price changes: Especially raw materials. “

After Tesla’s latest price update last week, the company’s cheapest car, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, has risen from $ 37,000 in February to $ 40,000 today.

Meanwhile, the price of the Model Y Long Range AWD has increased from $ 51,490 to $ 51,990. Electrek pointed out that the car sold for less than $ 50,000 a few months ago.

In April’s first-quarter earnings call, Mr. Musk explained that Tesla experienced “some of the most difficult challenges in the supply chain” due to a global chip shortage, but the company said “that particular problem.” I was almost able to get out of. ” Reuters report.

In recent months, global supply chain issues for raw materials have affected many industries, and rising costs for raw materials, energy, and transportation have led business owners to find ways to offset the increase. Have been forced. The Wall Street Journal..


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