Emma Raducanu’s victory at the US Open was a brilliant adjustment of fate.Emma Raducanu

NSo: It happened. NS Emma Raducanu I hugged the US Open trophy from Arthur Ashe Stadium in my chest, and I could still see it from where the blood on my knees fell, so I could feel a little vague, a little shivering, and a little melting at the end of the night. I did. .. In this new unreality, Bromley’s 18-year-old qualifier is the latest tennis star, a figure of praise and idolization far beyond Wet Island, who just won the Grand Slam women’s title for the first time in 44 years. is.

You can lose yourself on records and milestones. The first qualifier to win a major title in the open era, the youngest slam winner since Maria Sharapova, and the first woman to win a major in her second attempt. You can look for historical background. However, comparing Raducanu to 17-year-old Boris Becker, who won Wimbledon in 1985, doesn’t work because Becker was one of the top 20 players at the time.

It can be compared to the 1997 Masters Tiger Woods, but everyone knew how good Woods was. And perhaps the first reaction to Raducanu’s victory is also the most authentic: the supernormal state it seems to have produced, the sensation of wall and floor shifts, vaguely that you can neither identify nor fully explain. Confused happiness.

As Raducanu himself admitted, all this takes some time to sink. Once the photo is taken and the mandatory media round is complete, she hopes she will have the time and space needed to handle this violent and spectacular explosion of her world.However thereTime and space were already scarce, where Raducanu’s victory had already created his own electronic blast radius.

Therefore, the parlor game may start in earnest. Was it the biggest shock in tennis history? Was it the story of the weakest in British sports? The most incredible sporting achievements of individual athletes? Was it the biggest achievement in sports so far? What does any of these questions mean? Does the answer exist? And what do we really mean by asking them?

Some kind of paradox is working here. Not only the victory itself, but also the expectations and legitimacy that it violated have been rewritten, and the chin is loose. Her victory is said to be an amazing and unprecedented victory, yet she has always been proven to be destined for this level. But these things cannot be true at once. Part of the surprise is that this shouldn’t have happened, based on what we knew about Raducanu and tennis.

Emma Raducanu shocked the world of tennis by being promoted to the US Open championship. This is only her second Grand Slam tournament. Photo: Timothy A Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Unlike other teenage geniuses like Coco Gauff, Clara Tauson of Denmark, and beaten finalist Leylah Fernandez, Raducanu had virtually no pedigree to speak. In part, this is a pandemic product, and her team has decided to limit travel and prioritize education. Still, it’s worth considering before we all get on the hype train. Are you actually measuring your achievement here, or is it just a shock?

These questions are important. Because if Raducanu enjoys some fair rift in the coming months and years of success, we are obliged to anticipate her achievements. At the very least, admit that this could have been a glorious adjustment. Destiny, a happy confluence of shape and feel, and freedom made possible by kind draws and fluid sports.

Raducanu didn’t have to play any of the top 10 players or previous Grand Slam finalists. All seeds, including the world’s No. 1 Ashleigh Barty, have been cleared from her section of the draw. None should undermine the scale of her achievements, the amazing cleanliness of her ground strokes, and her apparent immunity to pressure. But at least you need to let her know what you expect from her in the near future, which is realistic or rational.

Iga Świon won the French Open last year in a similar situation. A new teenage star swept in front of her without dropping the set (including Grand Slam winners Simona Halep and Sofia Kenin). As Poland’s first Grand Slam winner, she was trapped in a cage of hope and left tired of seeing a tennis ball when she closed her eyes at night.

Raducanu is her own woman and handles this success in her own way. Still, she is soon forced to tackle the dilemma awaiting all precocious young athletes: the burden of overtaking the first hell of success, soothing the masses who want to continue to be shocked, and continuing to see miracles. So, after all of us have just enjoyed and shared her victory, perhaps the best we can do is leave her a little.

Emma Raducanu’s victory at the US Open was a brilliant adjustment of fate.Emma Raducanu

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