Emory Healthcare Teams Up with Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons to Tackle Heart Disease – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-04-08 09:20:14 –

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan is working with Emory Healthcare, the official Atlanta Falcons team healthcare provider, to help close the gap between addressing heart disease and community health inequalities.

Ryan and Falcons saidHealthy ATLThe Emory Healthcare campaign will fund research and innovation to address health inequalities, especially in the black and brown communities. Many have higher cardiovascular disease and mortality rates than the white community.

“Not only in our cities and states, but in our country, there are certain groups with a much higher incidence of heart disease: black and brown Americans,” said Dr. Alanna Morris, an assistant professor of medicine. Stated. , Emory University School of Medicine, Faculty of Cardiology, Emory Cardiovascular Center, Heart Failure Research Director. “We understand a variety of reasons why black and brown Americans have a higher incidence of heart disease, such as socio-economic differences and how the communities in which they live affect their health. , Trying to deal with it. “

Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke affect disproportionately in people of color. According to Morris, black and brown Americans have a 30% higher case fatality rate from heart disease and a 45% higher case fatality rate from stroke than non-Hispanic white Americans. Heart disease is often considered a “male illness,” but Morris says black women are at increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

“It makes sense for me to try to make our state and our city a healthier place for all our citizens,” says Ryan. “Thanks to Emory Healthcare and Falcons for launching this initiative. I think we can make this great.”

For more information and donations, please visit: Fans who donate at a certain level will receive Falcons merchandise, signed souvenirs, and special experiences.

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