Employers provide incentives for job seekers

JBS USA, the nation’s largest meat processor, began paying 66,000 employees and one child’s college degree per employee in March. According to Chris Gaddis, Human Resources Director at JBS USA, the move is due to an increase in hourly wages of more than 30% compared to last year.

In a large beef processing plant, floor workers have an hourly wage of $ 21 and more highly skilled employees have an hourly wage of $ 30. “There are more innovations in both wages and secondary incentives, but no one is doing what we are doing with the American countryside,” Gaddis said. I did.

Educational incentives for JBS and Waste Management are designed to reduce turnover and attract new employees. Each company pays the full tuition fee for the selected institution group. The JBS program offers a variety of majors and certificates. Careers can range from years to decades, as dependents are eligible for school education.

Every time an hourly employee leaves the waste management department, it costs at least $ 12,000 to find and hire a replacement, Fish said. In addition, 50% of drivers’ safety accidents involve years of service of up to 3 years.

“When it comes to safety, the longer you stay here, the better,” Fish said. And by paying for education, he added, “I have a real hook.” Waste Management estimates that the cost of the first year of an employee program will be between $ 5 million and $ 10 million.

Following the pandemic, employers are beginning to think more comprehensively about their employees and their goals, including personal and family life, according to Indeed Employment Institute economist Ann Elizabeth Conkel. Extending benefits to spouses and children aims to address these considerations.

Employers provide incentives for job seekers

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