Employers receive awards as the best place to work. DPM Heng promotes staff overall well-being, government and economic considerations

Monday, December 21, 2020-6:25 pm

THIRTEEN companies such as DHL Express, Cisco and Salesforce were named Singapore’s Best Workplaces on Monday, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) also received a special resilience award. Deputy Prime Minister Hen Swee Quiet and Minister of Labor Josephine Theo participated in the virtual event.

Held annually by global consultancy Great Place to Work, this year’s award focused specifically on the company’s response to Covid-19. Mrs. Theo, who won the award, said this year’s pandemic has hit employees and many companies are implementing belt tightening measures in the midst of workplace closures.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has upset our way of working,” she said. “It wasn’t like the Thirds or the global financial crisis. There was no playbook or rehearsal.”

TTSH was praised by leaders for their pandemic response and the well-being of frontline and support staff.

In a panel discussion, TTSH CEO Eugene Soh said the hospital’s top priority was staff safety. He talked about how Health Minister Gan Kim Yong visited the hospital on the first day of Chinese New Year, two days after Singapore confirmed the first Covid-19 case on January 23.

As a bystander of the visit, Dr. Saw remembered noticing the two plaques behind the auditorium. They had the names of two staff members-Doctor Ong Hok Su and Nurse Hamidah Ismail who succumbed to Sars in 2003 after TTSH was designated as the Central Hospital for Sars Cases. That moment was a “great reminder” of the need to keep employees safe, Dr. Saw said.

In addition to TTSH, Great Place to Work has identified 13 award-winning employers. In the statements recorded at the event, Mr. Heng observed that some people were paying attention to their mental health, such as providing counseling resources to employees and sending notes of encouragement.

“A great workplace remembers, respects and cares about their overall well-being, as each member may face their own pressures and commitments outside the workplace,” Hen said. Said. He added that it is important to consider the mental health of the workplace, home and community.

Hen also praised the winners for gathering staff and donating to others during the pandemic. “A great workplace is also a place to inspire and support employees to care for others, even in difficult times,” he said.

Winners were ranked based on the results of an employee confidence index survey, weighted by 60% of the score. For the remaining 40%, consultancy urged companies to share the “bold leadership actions” taken to create a good workplace in response to Covid-19.

DHL Express (Singapore) ranked first among the 10 medium to large companies. The company has partnered with government agencies and the Singapore Red Cross to care for vulnerable groups such as healthcare workers, migrant workers and the elderly.

Despite the difficult economic climate, DHL Express has not promised to reduce or reduce its employees. All staff received a one-time bonus of € 300 (S $ 488) and remote work devices such as desktops were delivered to staff at home.

“We cannot thank all DHL employees,” said Christopher On, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of DHL Express. “This year’s stakes are higher than ever, but when we put people first and work together, we once again show that we are invincible.”

Second and third were Cisco and Salesforce, respectively. Others were Medtronic, Amgen, PAP Community Foundation, Micron, Certis, HP Inc, and foodpanda. Lighting company Signify Singapore dominated in a small workplace with less than 100 employees each, followed by software company Cadence and World Wide Technology (WWT) Singapore offices.

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